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Engine Replacement for Sachs Madass 125...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Colonynofi, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Engine Replacement for Sachs Madass 125...NSW

    First time post - definitely not the last. Great community thats going here!
    And yes, I have a madass 125.
    Well. Had. Its been in my dealers shop for 8 weeks with a gearbox fault (2nd gear gone completely) which I now find out they don't want to honor my warranty for (due to the collapse of stoney creek powersports and all that...) - I am going to peruse this, & there's many a story to be told about that, but probably not right here right now.
    So. My options right now are
    1. Get my dealer to replace the gear. $200 part, but they want to charge 5hrs @ $110 / hr. And there's no guarantee they won't find other damage in there due to the gear malfunction that requires a tonne of work.
    2. Get my dealer to replace the whole motor. The new sachs distributer in melbourne has offered a full replacement motor pretty much at cost - and I'd just have to pay that plus 3 hours labour - which will prob come in less all up than the simple gear replacement. Still, I shouldn't be paying anything given its well within the warranty. Sorry...I digress.

    My 3rd option is to get a 3rd party engine (150/160) that fits the sachs fitted. I've read loads on the forums by people in other states (not nsw) doing it - particually some in my old home town of adelaide.
    But does anyone here know of a business in sydney that might like to take this project on? I'd love to do it, but have no workshop space at all now that I live inner city sydney (inner west). Its a small price to live walking distance from work though.

    So any advice appreciated. I'm certainly not going to get something like this done at my dealer, and since they are no longer honoring the warranty, I'm thinking this is the perfect time to perhaps do something like this.

    Thanks all. Cheers, Brendan.
  2. if it was me i'd insure it for 10k and throw it off a cliff and go buy another bike lol.

    But seriously once you start pulling shit apart at the mechanics workshop and find more and more wrong with it you start looking down the barrel. Contact the manufacturers and demand they fix the bike free of charge or replace it with a new one or you will simply take them through the courts or something.(my dad did it with a $500,000 Header) he rang up the boss of the entire company because the locals refused to fix it even though it had warranty.

    My advice is be firm with them.Do not accept comprimise with those bastards.
  3. Talk to your local Consumer Affairs mob to see what can be done about the warranty.
  4. So do Sachs have an Australian office of some kind? Call them, or consumer affairs.
  5. http://www.mojomotorcycles.com.au/

    Mojo took over the Australian distribution of Sachs after Stony Creek went into liquidation. The warranty is through Sachs therefore should be honoured by the local distributor (I think, any legal knowledge would help here).

    There are engines available from OORacing however the shipping can be pricey. Other than that you should look at the YX160 (eBay link http://tinyurl.com/ycv68oe ). The only thing is that you lose your electric start however you gain kickstart in any gear.
    You also get the benefit of going from 7hp to 18hp.

    However, in the end the Sachs Madass was not made for these engines which is a fact you have to consider if you wish to use it as a standard road bike. I modded mine up before selling it however had to draw the line at a few things that would have made it less reliable as an everyday commuter. I would recommend looking into a warranty repair and contacting consumer affairs.

    Hopefully your service manual is up to date as it does state that not following the service requirements can void your warranty.
  6. wow! I've been wondering if anyone else experienced the same problem as me.

    check out my posts at http://scootercommunity.com.au/forums/p/9735/63601.aspx

    I'm curious if you were experiencing the same issue though, that the bike was actually jumping out of 2nd gear.

    My problem came down to a couple of worn selector forks. Which then introduced a play in the gear and started wearing out a couple of gears. 2nd was most noticeable as it's one of the most used gears.

    So I got shafted by the fact that my problem started happening earlier this year. Hence I ended up waiting and waiting for parts for approximately 2.5 months. I then spoke to mojo and talked them into pulling an engine from brand new madass ... they charged me $700 for it... which I thought wasn't a bad price considering the replacement forks + gears would've cost ~$250.

    Anyway, so I only dabble in mechanical stuff but have a mate who's handy with ye ol' socket wrench, so we ended up pulling the engine apart ourselves. It was actually surprisingly easy to pull the engine off and pull it apart. I used the service manual as a guide and reckon i would've been able to do it without my mate, just would've taken longer ... with me probably reading every page 4 times.

    Buying the newengine is the way to go I'd say so then you'd have spares in the shape of your current engine.

    If you need a copy of the service manual give me a hoy.

    Oh, by the way, I took advantage of the fact that we were playing around with engine stuff to do an upgrade.... Ended up buying the upgrade from OOracing.co.uk. and absolutely love it! ;-) The new carbi, new pod air filter and CDI unit rocks!!! oh and the new sprocket takes the bike up to top speed of ~110...

    alright, good luck with it.
  7. p.s. here's the service manual -http://www.4shared.com/file/37112273/932b9a95/Sachs_Madass_service_manual.html
  8. Two issues.
    The warranty is the importers / manufacturors.

    Contact the Sachs distributor and (politely) ask for a warranty repair.
    If they say no (or anything but yes) contact Consumer Affairs.

    To answer the second issue, the old service manual chestnut is just that.
    The warranty is yours by law.
    They cannot deny you the warranty.