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Engine Rebuilders in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by N*A*M, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. The bottom end is shot and a replacement engine will be too difficult to sourcce. I am looking for a reputable rebuilder in Melbourne. Can anybody recommend a good place to do this?

    FYI it's a Honda CB900F2 Hornet 2002.
  2. Ken Colvin in Rosanna does good work on Hondas,pretty straight shooter,he will point you in the right direction if he,s too busy
  3. thanks. do you know how I could contact ken?
  4. Address
    Fac 4 1 Culverlands St
    VIC, 3084

    Contact Details
    Ph:(03) 9459 1158
  5. thanks dude. ken doesn't really do rebuilds anymore but put me onto somebody else who will. engine will be stripped down early next week for detailed assessment. hopefully it won't be the worst case scenario.
  6. How on earth did the bottom end crap itself? That's almost unheard of on a bike that age unless completely neglected.
    Balls tuning do engine rebuilds, they're out your way too. In sunshine.
  7. oil starvation
    balls is crap
  8. How many kays has it done? :? I'd be getting on to Honda to see what they have to say...unless, of course, you know it was neglected. :wink:
  9. it was a very unloved engine in a very wheelie prone bike. common problem when you're always at 11:30-12 o'clock, and i should've seen it coming. overfilling the oil wasn't enough of a safeguard. i will need to make a custom extended pick up.
  10. Thats a PITA Nam. I'll try to learn from it I guess, put a bit of flat riding between wheelies eh?
  11. I just had the thought, a CBR900RR engine would probably fit and they're dime a dozen.