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Engine Rebuild

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by fchan, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Hi, can anyone here recommend a good mechanic in Sydney to have my Suzuki GSX750SF Katana Popup engine rebuild?

    I will be striping the whole bike down to restore it but will have a GSXR750 front and rear end instead of the old stock. Body work will need to be respray and frame as well. So I will need to know who does these in Sydney and your recommendation on:

    -Power coating
    -Metal Polishing


  2. Yes I know it will cost me and I have saving up for this project so hopefully it will not cost me an arm and leg. Are they really good with older bikes? What is their specialty with motorcycles?
  3. I think 10 tenth know the old gixxer engines pretty well. Drag bike is what they do.

    Why does yours need to be rebuilt?
  4. You doing a full rebuild?

    Buy yourself a grinder, sanding rings, power drill with a metal polishing wheel and you can do the scratch removal yourself.

    If you need engine work done, your first port of call is probably going to have to be a suzuki dealership to order in a rebuild kit with gaskets, seals etc. and then take it to a specialist.

    Ring your local dealer and ask where they take their bikes for engine restos too.

    This might help as well, not sure how useful all that is to you, but I'm keen on restos at the moment myself.

  5. Well the bike is blowing too much white smoke, the clutch is too heavy and I'm finding hard to find the bloody neutral when I'm riding. Anyway the frame is rusted so i need to have it done and I will be changing the front and rear end using GSXR750 stock which I have bought.

    Yes I guess will be doing a full rebuild but I'm not confident in doing the engine myself. I'll be able to strip the bike apart and put them together.
  6. Honestly, from a fellow tinkerer, there's only one way to find out if you are capable.

    Find out everything you can about the bike, download/buy manuals and give it a go. If it all goes pear shaped go to a pro and sit in while they do their thing,

    There is nothing as satisfying as getting a bike back on the road by yourself.

    If you need tools, drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do.
  7. Hehe, in year ten work experience, to get me out of the way, I was given an older civic motor to pull apart. Was good fun, though never would have got it back together (especially since we needed to oxy a rounded nut off). Think I might still have one of the pistons in my room.
  8. Thanks. I'll be doing most of the work myself except for the engine. Probably the most difficult part for me will be the electrical. I think I will have to take a lot of pictures before I strip the bike down so when I put them back together I can rely on the pictures.
  9. I was given a car back 20 years ago to restore the engine but in the end I make it worst :facepalm: and my friend was really upset with me.
  10. can any one plz find me a 2003 cbr 600rr motor..mine is gone :(
  11. my mate has one in his bike. How much will you pay for it? He won't be impressed to find it gone though.
  12. When youre doing the wiring, get some tape and tag every wire and plug you move then write where it goes to on the tape. I use an exercise book as well to make notes in. Much easier than spending a week working out that the bit of wire you cant find a place for is out of the washing machine you wrecked..
  13. +1
    Also take photos if you have to, draw pics of it. Also the plastic coin bags are great for putting small things in and labling where they went.