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engine rebuild recommendations

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by flexorcist, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. well i've always loved my engines... used to fit 'em for a living. at the moment i have no garage to do a car engine project, my time will come again soon for that......

    but... bike engines being small, what's an easy, and relatively cheap to build engine??

    i don't want to do a 50cc or anything, coz who's going to want to buy one if all goes to plan?? i want something that's not expensive incase i f* it up, but something that's not so crap i'll never use it for anything.

    any recommendations?
  2. Bike engines are never cheap. Wreckers charge a fortune for them and the parts are dear.

    a 4-stroke traily single would make a good project, but myself, I'd be buying the whole bike second hand and pulling the engine, rather than buying the engine from the wreckers.

    You can buy tired xr600s for around $1500 or even a bit less, but you'd pay almost that much for the engine alone.

    There are quite a few after-market parts for these engines too and different models to swap and change with.
  3. :WStupid:

    Or the early - mid 80's gray import XR250's

  4. Both would be fun, me I like the XR250 cheap as chips and would make a great little super moto! :cool: :cool:
  5. hrrrrrrm

    i know somewhere i can get destroyed trailies from cheap....

    so that's the better option eeeeey??? so new el-cheapo pistons/ring kits aren't really available in the bike world???

    i always found cars expensive to do--- if you wanted nice stuff. but relatively cheap if you just wanted a stocky rebuild.

    not happening??

    p.s sorry mods did i put this post in the wrong spot?? i read the sticky :oops:
  6. You do :?: , can i be your new friend :grin: i'm in the market for a new trail snail and i wouldnt mind a bit of a project.

    May be a 250 motard or an XR250 with big bore kit.
  7. go for a single or a twin, less work and less cost of parts.

    Older models don't tend to have Ti valves either so that reduces the cost.
  8. Wottabout an old RZ250/350 or maybe TZR 250.

    Say goodbye to knackered cylinder heads and dodgy camchain tensioners. Cheap to buy, dead simple, lotsa stuff available, specially if you're prepared to buy from overseas (surprisingly inexpensive) and enough fun when you're finished that it's worth the effort.

    Even the older aircoolers can be very rewarding.

    Ride a piece of history.
  9. yeah i gots 2 options. unfortunately both rely on the one mate to help me lol...

    next time i see him i'll suggest we go "chat to that dude with all the bikes", and see what he's got. when he was looking for a new motor for his traily frame he got told "just take one of my wrecked ones. they're cheaper!"
  10. thought you might be interested.
    i saw an XR200, 2001 model on ebay for 600 bucks, not starting but. it could make for your project. i'd sure as hell get it if i had the means at the moment :cry: