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Engine re-spray

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Night_Stalker, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. So, I've taken the engine out of the bike and it doesn't really look the best. It used to be painted black and it's been through a good 17 years of abuse cosmetically speaking.

    When I say used to be black it's a blackish colour for the most part, but it's lost a lot of colour.

    So I've been thinking I'd like to re-spray the engine back to a nice black colour.

    I was wondering what paint would you guys recommend? have you had any good or particularly bad experiences with any brands of paint?

    The exhaust pipes are also sprayed black. Is the same paint useful for spraying the pipes?
  2. I've used vht flat black (and gloss too) heat proof paint for a lot of things in the past like rocker covers on cars, the exhausts on my gpx. I think the normal heat proof paint should be strong enough to handle to heat from the engine (it handled car rocker covers fine) but to do the headers you will need to use a flame proof paint. I used the heat proof stuff on the headers on the gpx and it just burnt off (as expected) until 10-20 cm down the pipe. Its about 15-20 bucks a can, the flame proof is a bit more and is a bit more fiddly to apply...
  3. Indeed?

    that shouldn't be too terrible then I think. I'll give that a go perhaps. I'll have to see how things go.

    For the GPX, would you recommend the gloss?
  4. Get proshine bike places use it to make the bikes look brand new , make the engine look new , goes away after 4 washes
  5. Yeah, VHT paints are the go. Just don't use a gloss or you may encounter engine overheating/cooling problems.
  6. these guys have wicked engine paint, http://www.ppc.au.com/ its hi-temp and they claim it doesnt retain the engine heat. download thier brochure and you can see all the amazing products they have