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Engine quality/reliability

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by justin_es, Aug 24, 2014.

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    Good day peoples.

    In the answers to my bellow question I'm really interested in personal experience and experts experience and opinion.

    I was wondering a bike that has been bought brand new as a restricted LAMS approved bike.
    Run in restricted and basically I guess run up to say a max of 20,000km as restricted.
    Then de restricted.
    Is the motor quality and reliability still as good?

    I know the old wives tail if you buy a car(I guess bike too) from an old lady who has putted around since day one even though its immaculate. If you get in and give it what for its guaranteed something will break very quickly.

    My way of thinking is motor has been run in at (completely random figures) 50hp for over 10K km's then suddenly de restricted and tuned to 100hp is the motor going to strain and suffer from the sudden power increase as it was not run in to suit that power?

    any other issues from these types of converted bikes long term as apposed to a bike already full powered?

    Depending on the answers to this question could help me in a decision I have been already been putting off for about 3 months now.

    Cheers guys.

    The story is.
    I want a Suzuki SV650.

    For commuting everyday with the occasional group cruise. Plus I love the V-Twins I'm pretty set on this bike.
    But my reasons or personal taste is irrelevant to this conversation though :)

    They come in a LAMS approved version so I can get one now and do all the things I want to it and then de restrict it later.

    Rather then spending money on a bike knowing very well its gone after I'm off my restrictions anyway?
    But before I make a decision like this I want to make sure that the de restricted LAMS version is exactly the same as a normal full powered one from the shop? (Of the exact same bike)

    Otherwise I wont bother :)
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    If I was to bother doing that I will just hold onto my current bike.
    Nothing wrong with it what so ever just thought I might have a good opportunity to get on the bike I've wanted for a long time and stay on it.
    That way all maintenance and replacements are for me not for someone else to benefit from in less than a years time.

    I tell you all the stuff I've replaced on this bike someone is getting a damn good bike from me afterwards LOL.
    Should just keep it for a while just based on that LOL

    also I would just sell it as a full powered version anyway? not even know it was once a LAMS version.

    Also I just noticed.
    Your mistaking the bike I'm talking about.

    I actually want the model before the Gladius.

    The SV650 :)
  4. The actual difference is less than 10hp, any additional "strain" would be negligible.
  5. I'm not sure u can die restrict the sv650s. We'll i guess it's been done somewhere at a lot of hassle. From memory it's not a matter of removing a restrictor plate or throttle stop, it's a totally different ecu for the lams version.
  6. But that seems a lot easier to do than replacing whole PC haha
  7. Yeah I understand what your saying.
    Its just the fact its not retarred after 7000RPM any more really.

    I really think I'm going to out grow that bike way too quick LOL

    But that V-Twin note LOL
  8. Find a 2000-something VTR1000 I had a 99 a few years back that still went Farken hard and sounded awesome.
  9. bigger V-twin will nearly always sound better tho?
    I have an SV650S in my garage atm (unrestricted) and while it sounds nice, it aint no VTR SP1/SP2 :)

    there are used LAMS SV650's on bike sakes from $5000 upwards, and lots in the 6-7K bracket (so say 5500-6500)
    in NSW on bikesales now, there are 4 nakeds (650U) and 4 bikini fairing versions (650SU)

    buy one of them now, take a $0-1000 hit on resale in a couple of years, then buy a different bike? or buy unrestricted and swap your bits over?

    keep in mind de-restricting a learner bike can attract a decent fine, regardless if you have full licence or not.. unless engineered as a non-LAMS bike.. or something like that ;)
  10. IMHO, it is not worth the trouble and expense to de restrict a bike. I don't know anyone that has had only 1 bike for ever. Also derestricting a bike doesn't make much difference. It will feel a little bit faster, but not much. And you will soon find yourself wanting a bit more. Also a lot of restricted bikes will need the ECU replaces not just hardware changes like throttle stop and restrictor plates. Some may need bigger intake tracks and injectors. Then you end up with a bike that has been played around with and it just de values you bike when it comes time to trade up. I just read an artiled about the Triumph 660 Lams street tripple and it Can't be de restricted. More manufactureres are going that way. Anyway, it's fun to change bikes every so often.
  11. Appreciate all the responses peeps.
    Just the info I needed to not waste money and hold onto what I have which I am honestly happy with and worry about it all later when I'm off my restrictions.

    Only 12months today to go LOL