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Engine problem with the SPADA

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Drew, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Well i think it is...here goes.

    When riding long distances..... every so often the engine seems to slow down for a second or 2. Almost the same as if fuel has hit reserve or very quickly of the throttle (gaspy jittery sort of sensation)

    It only happens on long trips at a constant speeds...like my daily commute.

    So i'm wondering,

    Is it a problem??
    Is it going to stuff the bike?

    so far my thoughts are Dirty fuel and air filter. (how often should i check these? Air was last checked/cleaned about 3500km ago and fuel filter was replaced at same time.)

    Also considered it could be a carby issue..... there were balanced at last service so i'd hope it not that.

    Had thought it could be dud fuel but i go through a tank a day and it happens each morning and night (could be the cold temperatures at the times i'm riding <10-15 degrees)
  2. Does it go away?
  3. yeah only last for a seconf or 2...... thean happens again about 10 minutes down the road.......only seems to happen at constant revs/speed

    i'm really hoping it's not something like cam chains etc.
  4. I'd say your carbs just need a tune up. mine sometimes don't like constant load, when they get a bit sirty.
  5. So what do i need to do?? run a bit of cleaner though em?? metho? kero?

    or do i need to take them off the bike?

    never touched em till now

    how often should i clean them out?? or just when they exhibit problems.
  6. Well it didn't occur at all on the way home last night.

    But it did happen this morning.... most noticeably immediately affter a really cold patch near Gisborne, but was a bit jittery for a good amount of the trip. Perhaps the bike just doesn't like the cold?

    I'l see what happens tonight onthe wayhome after coffe... should benice and cool in the air by then.
  7. You could try putting some carby cleaner in the tank as a starting point.

    other culprits could be plugs and/or leads.

    so if the carby cleaner doesn't work, try replacing the plugs.
  8. plugs were new 3500Km ago.... will check em this weekend....

    just std carby cleaner..ie stuff from servo?
  9. Sounds like the carbys are freezing. Early Kwaka ram air bikes had these problems from memory. Some bikes have heated carbs to stop it.
  10. I use Nulon engine flush (add 2 feul) and MOTUL carby cleaner (spray into carbies directly) U might also have an air leak in one of your carbies or somewhere... Does it happen at a particulair rev? Replace plugs, and if it works, theres youre prob. Under 10 bucks for peace of mind. change filter when its dirty (duh) and spray regulairly with carby cleaner and let it dry. filters cost bout $60.
  11. Can almost confirm it's temp related........ went home from coffee via every cold gully i know... and it happened at most of them as soon as i was into the cold/change of temp.

    So either i need to find a way to warm things up a bit or learn to live with it.
  12. Unfortunately this seems to be getting worse...more regular and for extended periods.

    Engine sounds like its got a lack of fuel (or air?)

    would a blocked breather in the tank cause this kind of problem. i mean if the tank is forming a vaccuum, wouldn'y that slow down the flow of fuelt po the engine.

    Is there an easy way to check this and clean it?

    other than that i think i't dissassembly of the air/fuel system to try and see what I (and hopefully someone who knows what they are doing) can find.
  13. if you want to see if the tank is vaccing out, simply pop the feul cap when the prob starts... if theres a vaccum in there you should hear it, i guess...
  14. will try it...problem is i generally get he problem at about 80-100KM/H with a tank bag.

    might have to do a test run or 2
  15. shouldnt be a prob if you have a spare key... :cool:
  16. Your tank bag may be blocking the breather hole in the fuelcap, but I would undo the drain screws in each carby, catch and check the contents, looking for water. A little bit can cause a big prob

  17. funny you mention this......... tonight when i took the bag off i noticed a damp ring on the bottom of it..... may be a contributing factor. Will definitely check the drain screws though.

    Thanks again