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Engine Prices

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Manny, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. I just rang up a wrecker (Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers Alexandria), and he said he had a GPX250 engine 1990 model with 35,000km for 900 bucks.
    That or a later model for 1200

    What do you guys think?
    is it a good idea just to get a replacement engine for 900, or get the current one reassembled (89 model 40,000k) (it's missing a few minor parts plus will need gaskets and shit replaced)
    which would be the better option? I havnt a clue how much assembly costs.

    i ask this kind of stuff a lot :p sorry
  2. for that money, you could almost pick up a whole spare bike :wink:

    try www.findapart.com.au and see if you can get a better price on the motor. NFI what assembly would cost, why is it unassembled? oh hangon, your male, i totally get it. woulda done the same thing :LOL:
  3. You're my hero Coconuts.
  4. Is there a guarantee/warranty with the engine you are looking at buying? What happens if you put it in and it dies?

    :D :D :D
  5. My understanding from my mechanics is that there are no garentees whatever on electrics, but that other parts may have something. You should ask the wreaker about return policies before you hand over the cash.
  6. Update:

    Two appealing offers.

    700 bucks for a 92 zzr engine with 30,000km on the clock

    or 1250 for one with 3,000km on it....

    Dom dom dooom.
  7. The trouble with buying a secondhand 'lump' is that you cannot verify the mileage or the history (could have been raced, crashed etc).

    Go for a recondition engine with a warranty instead.
  8. does anyone know who sells reco motors in Melb. for 250 kwikas? and does a zzr motor fit in a GPx?

  9. I think the zzr motor is basically the same as the gpx motor.
    As for where u can get one recoed sorry don't know.
  10. also bear in mind that it isn't 1/2 unusual for a gpx/zzr motor to need a timing chain roughly around every 40,000km's if it hasnt been looked after with religeous pedantry.

    For that fact alone i'd go the repair-the-current-motor-&-perhaps-new-rings-&a_hone option if i was quoted $900 for a new motor. This is because the engine internals on gpx/zzr's have barely changed in the last 15 years.

    What you get for your money is a motor that is in a *KNOWN* state as opposed to going out on a limb for something that may well kick the bucket in 8000km's.

    It's not always "whats newer is best" ya know ;-)
  11. Tape, try any of the wreckers around Melbourne, Piston Broke in Bayswater North is one, if they can't help they may be able to put you onto someone that can. There used to be one in Bennett St in Dandenong but I can't remember what it's called. Have a look in Just for Bikes Magazine - $3.50 from newsagents there are plenty of Melbourne wrecker ads in there. Try one of them for size, they might be able to point you in the right direciton.
  12. bennett bike tune/dandenong motorcycle wreckers/GAS GAS is the name of the place. great ppls to deal with but i doubt they'd have a ZZR/GPX motor there. i'm pretty sure Global Wreckers which is just around the corner from them still has a fairly complete GPX. and vic motorcycle wreckers hasn't let me down yet with much less common bikes than the GPX/ZZR but they're a bit of a mission to get to for me.

    and failing that, findapart will almost certainly give you results i reckon. i got about 8 replies on roadworthy 2nd hand front discs for an XJR400, not bad for a not so popular grey import mid sized bike.....
  13. Maybe try and ring a grey importer and see if they can get an engine in there next crate and how much that would cost.