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Engine oil smoke

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by MystDmeanr, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Ok what does it mean when you can see burnt engine oil smoke coming from your engine? is this a bad thing? :shock:


  2. If it happened after recently topping up the oil, I'd say it's spillt oil burning off.

    If you haven't recently topped up, can you explain exactly where the smoke is comming from?
  3. How many km's has the bike done?

    If it's coming from the exhaust then it could be getting past the valve seals (usually through overfilling, but sometimes worn seals), or worn rings (unliklely if it's been mainatined adequatley).

    Could also be spilt oil on the headers/exhaust, but you tend to smell this rather than see it.
  4. Is the smoke coming from your engine or the exhaust? Seany's right, if you've recently added oil, it's probably spillage, otherwise you may have done a gasket/ seal. If the smoke is coming from the exhaust, does it smoke more on acceleration or overrun? The first indicates rings, the latter valve guides/ seals.
    A bit more detail doesnt go astray, I used to work in a bottleshop and lost count of the number of customers (all wimmyn) who ordered "Some beer, please."