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Engine Oil Leak - Too much Oil??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 6pistons, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Hi fellow riders,

    I am a green horn riding a Yamaha Zeal and have noticed engine oil leaking from the right side of the bike (where the rear brake is), at the bottom of the bulky crankcase.

    Is it possible that the leak is due to too much engine oil? I was looking at the bike (when cold) and its level is to the "max level". The leak seems to come out from a little hole.

    Your insight would be totally appreciated... cos' it would break my heart (or pocket) to spend some money to get it repaired. :(

    Many thanks.


  2. Can you explain the "hole" it comes out of a little better? Is the leak along the seam between the cover and the engine? If so it may be a stuffed gasket.
  3. An engine should 'NEVER' leak oil. Overfilling may result in sluggish engine and oil smoke when running due to the scrapers not being able to keep up with the oil flow. In severe cases stalling.

    You are describing a leak thats probably one of the gaskets
  4. Are you sure it's not coming from somewhere higher up on the engine?
    Just a thought but if you've got a blocked breather for the crankcase it could force oil up and out somewhere else (air filter?) as air pressure builds up wih temperature. Same with overfilling of course.
  5. Not entirely sure but the breather hose for my crankcase on the FZR (essentially a faired & retuned Zeal) is routed to come out the left side; and as such i end up with a gluggy buildup of crud there occasionally. Just takes a bit of kero to clean off.

    How quickly is this leak developing? Have you tried cleaning it off and seeing if it does it overnight? Does it only happen when your riding (ie. engine running)?