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engine oil for yamaha zeal 250 10w40 vs 15w40

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by n4spd, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. hi everyone as a newbie i just took my bike to a first service, on the report it says changed engine oil Lucas Semi Syn 10w40: 46.2 dollar for about 2.7L usage. i myself purchased 5L Shell 15W40 for my last bike and it costed only 21 dollars from Kmart.

    my question is:

    1, is there much difference between these two brands
    2, can i use my 15w40 or should i buy new 10w40 (as i checked manual, it does say 10w40 for climate temperature from -10 to 40.

    and usually what would be the workshop labor charges for the oil change, as i know it is easy to do and the only thing i know how to do at this stage so will save this money next time.

  2. If you use a synthetic oil it wont make much difference if you use 15W40 or 10W40. Better quality oils may have friction modifiers as well. I'm no expert on oils by the way these are just things i've picked up over the years.
    If in doubt go by the book, or wait for some oil guru on here to tell you different.
  3. I ran castrol activ 4T 15w50 when I had my zeal, never had a problem with it - I think it's around $30 for 4L at supercheap auto. For the 5 or 10 bucks difference I've never bothered risking car oil in my bikes, some people run diesel oil with no troubles though.

    Also used a ryco Z436 oil filter on the zeal many times with no problems at all - cheaper than a motorcycle specific filter and also available at supercheap.

    I wouldn't bother with semi synthetic on a zeal personally, just change the oil slightly more often
  4. hi thanks, i might just go by the manual and use the same oil in the future. i checked the price of this lucas semi sync oil is 76 dollars per 5L in the bike store, which is a lot more expensive than the shell 15w/40 which was 21. i wonder what is the difference?

    i checked online so there are two different types of oil: synthetic, and semi synthetic? synthetic seems to be more advanced, while semi synthetic has some conventional base which make it more friendly to older engines, is my understanding right, so they used semi synthetic because it was a 1999 bike.

    and the 5L shell 15w/40 does not say it is specific for motorbike or cars, i thought as long as the specs are the same they can be used on either.
  5. car oils have more detergents and additives which cause problems with our wet clutches.
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    DO NOT USE CAR OILS IN ANY MOTORCYCLE (generally). They have friction modifiers in them which will **** your wet clutch quick-smart. Check the container for things like "Improves your mileage by reducing friction" "Energy conserving" etc etc. If it has that, and you've put it in the bike your clutch is likely going to be rooted pretty soon if you don't put something else in.

    Diesel oil works okay because it has no friction modifiers so it is fine for the wet clutch. I wouldn't put it into a modern engine which a high compression ratio/multi-valves or a high redline - but for my ancient GS500 engine it runs perfectly fine. I run the Shell Diesel in my GS500F and have had no problems - it's recommended by a few on the GSTwins wiki. Since it's so cheap I can afford to dump it more often which is probably better than using a slightly better oil and changing it less.

  7. hi thanks a lot, i will change for the correct oil asap!