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Engine oil and filter for XVS650

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by AznCruiser, Feb 16, 2011.


    Well its that time again fellas. Ive just been ringing up shops and was quoted $129 for a sull synth Motul 4L, Supercheap also has a full synth Castrol Power 1 TTS Racing Motorbike Oil for $77.50. At the moment im siding with Castrol.

    Q: Can I use this oil for my bike and is it suitable?

    Q: I’ve always gone full synthetic with my cars, should I do the same for the bike (some people seem to be against this idea)?

    Q: If not this oil then is there another oil forumers recommend?

    Q: Finally what filter should I be using for my bike?

  2. Firstly, full synthetic is no guarantee that's it's going to offer better protection against wear. In fact someone recently posted a link to an Australian test on oils showing that full synthetic Motul was considerably worse than cheaper oils.

    Personally I don't consider the extra cost for full-synthetic to be justified for normal, everyday use. There are benefits for race motors or those that sit for very long periods of time but if you're riding frequently and changing the oil often any brand-name semi-synth or plain mineral oil should work just as well (or in some cases better).

    If you're really worried spend the money saved on a detailed oil analysis which IMO is far more valuable than any minor benefit you might get with full synthetic.

    Edit: This is the sort of oil analysis I'm talking about: