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Engine Number ZZR250?????

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by DP, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    Am in the process of buying first bike and was hoping that someone could tell me where to find the engine number on a ZZR250. :oops:


  2. it's on the compliance plate, which is usually attached to the right side of the frame near the triple clamps. It should match the Engine number as appearing on the current registration papers (if registered of course)
  3. what if the engine was transplanted from another bike??? surely the number is spamed on the engine itself like car engines.

    Be best to check the engine number on the engine also matched the one on the frame....just to be sure.
  4. yer i had to find mine the other day for my zzr250 rego check, the engine number should match the rego certificate, and you can find the engine number, most easily by taking a bit of the right hand side fairing off, but if you can squint and you've got a flash light, it on the engine block, on the right hand side, just about below where the seat begins... kind of on the horizontal level... a bit tricky to see with the fairings on though.... as far as checking the bike over, do a revs check and i'd also ask to see the inside of the fairings... i bought a used one, and it had a fair few k's on it, and it was only after i had my own stack that i took the fairing off and saw a patch up job on the orignal stuff... also look for colour differences where the guy has done a spray job or so on... and more obviously mismatching levers, they usually get scraped up in a drop, so if you brake lever is black and the clutch is silver... um well, you get the jist..

    i only wish i'd been more thorough. not that i bought a complete lemon, but i shorely could have knocked some money off the price.
  5. Thanks for replies. Will get the fairing taken off. I already know it has been dropped and repainted but seems to be a reasonable buy at $3k with reg & rwc. No oil leaks apparent and seems to ride ok. Bit hard to tell too much when you don't know too much. :)