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Engine number on a ZX2R

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Laharl, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering if anyone knew where i could find my engine number on a Kawasaki ZX2R (basically a ZX250) baby ninja. Was about to try and take off my lower fairings, but thought i would ask before i did that :)

    Found the owners manual on the net and that doesn't mention it at all (bit surprising but :(
  2. no idea... i'll check mine when i get home tonight and post a reply tonight or tomorrow sometime for you. I *thought* it was listed on the build plate on the left hand side, but could be very wrong. Mine's an '03 that was built here out of the excess Malaysian parts, so it may have numbers in different places if you have an import.
  3. errr... I think and I could be wrong... RHS.. right at the bottom of the engine... I think there is a little hole in the fairings through which you can see...
  4. cool will have a really hard look lordtb. That would be awesome if you could jdl. Thanks heaps guys :)
  5. Found it. It was right on the main crossbar thing, above the forks, up from the compliance plate. Stupid mechanics, took it there on monday and they told me they spent 30 mins looking for it and that i had to take off my fairings myself to find it since they couldn't find it, and assured me it wasn't on the outside so i didn't even bother to look there until now.

    Grrr so annoyed :(

    Thanks heaps for the help though guys :)
  6. That would be your frame number (if the bike was not a gray import it would have a vin number there)...

    the engine number is found on the engine...
    there is actualy a little hole through which you can see it... the mechanic should have known that...
  7. Hehe yep found out it was my frame number up the front :) Literally just got back from downstairs after taking off my fairings to find the actual engine number now. An easy spot once i found it. Yeah a mechanic probably should have known where to look.

    That is an awesome reply though lortb, as that is spot on. Lol wish i had read to damn forums again before i went to the trouble of taking my fairings off lol. Glad its on here though, as i'm sure it will help the next person with a baby ninja :)

    Thanks again for the help guys )
  8. Sorry for the lack of response Laharl. I had a DSL churn go wrong and have been offline for the last week... Guess i don't need to reiterate what you already know now! :)