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Engine Number location on WR400

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by matty__, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Looking @ a moto yamaha wr400 and would like to do a revs check.

    the seller cannot find the engine number, can anyone let me know where abouts it should be? Cheers!

  2. It should be identified (location) in the owners manual.
  3. Thats if hes got one.. i assume not..

    If anyone knows please post, thanks :)
  4. Hey Matty,
    I got your PM, but the overmoderators here seem to think I shouldn't be allowed to PM anyone so I couldn't reply.

    The WR is a great off road bike with one exception. The Kickstart!

    The later model WR450 has an electric leg, and sometimes I wish I did too trying to start the 400.

    Overall, it is a torquey, fast reliable bike and suspension has good range of adjustment, and it stops well. If it isn't ridden often (mine isn't) it can be a real pain to start, I have put holes in the soles of a couple of riding boots, and quite a few Nike's trying to get it going. If you make sure it is tuned well, it should be no problem, and despite it having a hot start button (some think it is hard to start hot) I never have any issue starting it hot, only dead cold.

    If I remember correctly eng number is on outer engine case at top on right side if sitting on bike. Not hard to find, I will go and take a look tomorrow if you reply saying you had no luck if it will help you.
  5. Hey! Cheers for the reply tweet :) The kick start on this WR seems to be pretty good on this one so I guess we'll see how that goes :roll:

    I downloaded the WR400 2000 model manual off yamahas site and the seller has fine the engine # so all is sweet now :D picking it up this saturday very pumped!!

    Thanks for ur help fellas!