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Engine not turning over

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tmg, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. I am making it a daily ritual to turn my bike over each day to keep things moving before I get it on the road.

    I started it this arvo and it ran fine, pulled the choke out a bit to make it run a bit more even and it dies. Now two things are wrong here - fuel or the battery.

    I tried starting it again and the starter motor just kind of convulsed as it turned really slowly. I couldn't hear the fuel sloshing in the tank much at all but I got the battery on charge right now and will see what happens tomorrow after work when I go to start it - I got a little bit of fuel in the shed i can use if that's the case.

    BTW I got a little switch on the left hand side below the tank, I am guessing this is the "reserve" switch? If so, what postion is normal and what is reserve? I think it was on reserve since I got it.

    I think I might have hit the kill switch when I first started it too. How would this affect the electrics? No fuses are blown either.

  2. If the starter motor is not turning strongly it's the battery or a connection to the battery.

    Put a multimeter across the battery terminal. it should read more than 12.3V.

    Keep in mind that if all you are doing is starting the bike every day and idling, then you may have been gradually sending your battery flat. Starter motors draw a lot of current and alternators don't charge much at idle.

    So the battery may be ok, just flat and in need of a good ride.

    alternatively (excuse the pun) the alternator or regulator may be cactus.

    You can check this with a multimeter once you get the bike stated. You should be getting more than 13V across the battery terminals when you rev it a bit.

    Charge the battery or jump start the bike and go from there.
  3. +1 for ibast's diagnosis... exactly what I would have said

    As far as the reserve tap is concerned two things would help.

    1. Tell us what sort of bike it is so someone with the same machine will be able to give you an exact answer.
    2. Most fuel taps have words next to the positions to tell you what they mean; you may have to crouch down and crane your neck to read them, but they are usually there....
  4. tis all good. I was able to start it this morning and it clicked over straight away, so it was the battery. thanks for your help though guys, much appreciated and not in vein as someone else with my problem will find this thread when they do a search. :D