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Engine no getting enough Fuel

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by thefloppy1, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Went to take my wifes '90 Spada out for spin, but it didn't get far.

    It started fine, then died. I noticed the fuel level in the fuel filter was very low. and no fuel was begin drawn into the filter as it turned over.

    I have taken apart of the fuel tank and clean out the lines. There is fuel flowing now, but not enough to get it going..

    Any suggestions.

    I really dont feel like I should take the sucker apart agin, but I will if I have to.

  2. The spada doesn't have a prime position on the tap. So they are notorious for getting started after work on the fuel system.

    All you can do is keep cranking. Once started you should get good fuel flow.

    With regards the filter, they shouldn't look full anyway. Also I have known new filters to give me trouble.

    also check the tank vent.
  3. ibast, The Vent was the first thing I checked. I got a bit of crap out of the fuel tank it's self and there was a bit of crap in the drawing lines from the tank.

    Will just have to crank it abit tomorrow, on my day to kid wrangling day.
  4. On the back of the fuel tap there is a vaccuum line which goes to the engine. Make sure this is in good condition at both ends. Its role is to obviously provide vacuum which opens a diaphragm in the fuel tap and hence allow fuel to flow thru ie when engine turned off the fuel tap is "closed" automatically.

    Post up how you go.
  5. I will check the Vaccum line again, but I am pretty sure that I did already do so. there is now fuel flowing, just not enough to prime the engine.
  6. Spash a bit of fuel into the air intake. Or take out a plug and splash some directly into the cylender. Might be enough to get the engine spinning just long enough to suck in some fuel.

    Of course that is assuming nothing else is wrong. As in why did it die in the first place? Is whatever caused this also stopping it from starting. Fuel doesn't necessarily fill the filters so maybe there is another underlying problem.

    Do you have spark?
  7. GreyBM,
    you know having been around a bikes for years, then took a couple off. The one thing I didn't check was spark.....

    so this morning I have once gain cleaned the fuel lines, getting good flow now. got more crap out of tank and line.

    Following above , I took out the plugs, cylinder 2's plug is stuffed. Cylinder 1 is not getting any spark at all, execpt the shock I took from the lead..

    Am now going to replace both..

    by the way spada's are clearly not meant to have spark issues, cause the plugs are in pricks of spots.

    --think it is time for a fuel injected bike or two...
  8. Am making a list of things to do next time.

    it is all running now. thanks all.
  9. sweet :0)