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Engine mount bolt - 07 GPX

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pegasus, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. I'd heard an intermittent soft "click" as I wheeled my bike around (with the engine off) at the end of last week and after having a look over the bike, discovered a hole where I thought a bolt should have been (there was a telltale circular shadow mark), down near the rear brake. Considering myself still a total newbie, I asked mr magoo if he'd take a quick look at my bike after our rouse hill coffee meet and this is what he found.

    View of underneath the bike


    Side view of bike (gear shift side)


    The only thing stopping the bolt from sliding out was a fairing bracket (2nd photo).

    A brief history of my bike :
    Purchased as demo - 18 August 2007 - 1,050ks - 1st service already done
    6,000 k service (minor) done in Sydney on 14/12/07
    12,000 k service (major) done in Melbourne on 17/01/08 (after tassie tour) - included replacing rear tyre. One of the items on the service invoice was "Check engine frame, bolts and nuts and fasteners" :shock:
    Current odometer reading is 16,100 k

    Has anyone seen this type of thing happen on such a young bike?

    What other things should be thoroughly checked for possible damage when the bike goes in for repair this Thursday?

    Thanks for all your help with this, mr magoo :) - I could have had a major accident!

    Eve :grin:
  2. its ok u have another 2 holding the engine in place.
    Should have been picked up during a service thou.
  3. Congrats on being switched on and investigating.
    It should have been checked in the service.
    Run the tools over all bolts & screws.
    Mention it next time. Its not ok.
  4. It's great that someone helped you - unless you were drinking or riding foolishly you shouldn't have an accident. ;-) This really is not a serious issue, by itself. Bad, but not serious.

    Have fun

    Trevor G
  5. +1
  6. Yes, I've had engine mount bolts shake loose, although not on anything recent. Worst offender was my C90 Step-thru which would slacken its swing-arm spindle/rear engine mount occasionally. Easily detected as vibration would become unbearable over 30 mph, quickly followed (as the problem got worse) by a distinct "hinge in the middle" feeling to the handling.

    More worrying was my wife's Triumph T100 which had a frame that bolted together in the middle. The fearsome vibration that resulted from revving the little twin (and boy, did it like to be revved :grin: ) would slacken the bolts. It was quite disturbing to glance down the gap between tank and seat to see the bolt merrily spinning :shock: .
  7. Haven't had this problem with my GPX. My advice is to write/type up a list of your concerns and give it to the mechanic at your next service - that way they know of any problems you may have noticed, and you can check off the list when you pick the bike up.

    My mechanic likes getting the list - it makes it easier for him to know anything other than the schedule that needs looking at,and also reminds him that they don't need to grease my chain(I use Shell lubricants), check my tyres (I have nitrogen) or detail my bike (they can't clean it as good as I can).
  8. Eve, all the best with sorting this out, magoo was more than happy to help you, don't forget about the oil.

    Cheers Lou
  9. Thanks for your replies everyone!

    PatB, you’ve had some interesting experiences there! Thankfully nothing quite like that has happened to me yet lol!

    Riding, riding, riding – and having a lot of fun too! :LOL:

    My bike was already booked in this week to have the fuel tank replaced under warranty. The paint had started to peel away near the fuel intake and this was noticed by my Kawasaki dealership at the 6,000k service and a replacement ordered. With a few extra things that need checking, plus a new front tyre it's now a two day job instead of one. Lou, I remembered to ask them to look at the old oil too!

    Carol_au – thanks. I’ve never had to prepare a list for my bike before as I’ve not had any additional issues to be looked at - it being a new bike. So I emailed my list to the shop yesterday (it was a long one) and they seemed to appreciate it. :)

    I was looking foward to riding my loan bike today - it was to be a new ninja 250R, so you can imagine my disappointment when they said they only had a scooter available! Anyway off to work I go on this Aprilia 200cc scooter having some fun on Delhi road corners. The indicators then decide to quit working on Epping road which made for interesting merging. I go to ride home tonight and the scooter refuses to start :cry: so I leave it in my work garage and train it home!

    If everything goes well, I hope to have my bike back tomorrow afternoon so I can head down to the Bredbo poker run! :grin:

    This has been a great learning experience - I now know more about my bike and that bike mechanics cannot be relied upon 100%!

  10. After speaking to Eve last night about her bike I think it is tiem a few of us big burly blokes went and payed her bike shop a visit. Let them know she has friends who don't like to see her getting stuffed around. .
  11. The only good thing about my bike going in for repair last thursday is that I now have a shiny new fuel tank! :grin:

    My dealer could not source a new front tyre - I did that myself (thanks Lou!) and it appears that the original engine mount bolt was not replaced, although I asked for a new one - they've put on a new washer and nut only. :(

    As the loan scooter's battery was flat, the mechanic rode my bike out to my workplace at 7pm Friday night to swap bikes and I had to pay the service invoice over the phone. This meant having my invoice mailed out to me. After going for a 200k ride today, I can't wait to see the invoice :?

  12. Hmmm im not exactly big or burly but i can play hard lets go !!!
  13. Invoice hasn't arrived by mail nor by email (requested last Sunday).

    I called the dealership yesterday and talked about my bike with the service manager who promised to call back yesterday after talking to their head mechanic - no calls received by me yet. :(

    Cannot do anything now until after easter...