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Engine Life

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by natta, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Just a quick question.

    How long do motorcycle engines last for before they are just totally stuffed?
    Bikes that are not raced or trashed and are well maintained.

  2. Got string?

    Too short my ass!
  3. Exactly 6 years and 4 days, no more, no less.
  4. is exactly right hahahah :grin:
    and so many other variables determine engine life
  5. For most engines manufactured in the last 15-20 years, then unless they have a specific manufacturing or design flaw with them, then if you can't get at least 200,000kms out of an engine then it hasn't been maintained properly.

    Large unstressed motors have been known to still be running well past 500,000kms.
  6. I see you have an RGV250...the answer for your bike is 'a lot less than most'. A hard ridden RGV can need a top-end rebuild after just 25,000k's.
  7. But that's just part of the routine maintenance that keeps it going.....
  8. Yeah i know the RGV require alot of rebuilds and maintainance, kind of annoying
    Thanks for the replies, yeah and good to see the lots of people have a funny side.

  9. what is your definition of stuffed?

    if you want to just keep the same block but can have new cylinder heads, liners, fuel pumps, yada yada there is probably no reason you can't run any engine more or less indefinately if y ou are not force feeding it.
  10. Not a bike i know but:
    The Tarago booz bus we took to Echuca on the weekend has done 380000 something K's and still gets from Cranny to Echuca and back regularly carying 6-8 blokes, camp gear, lots and lots of booze, towing a trailer with gear and either, jetskis, trail bikes, or other crap.

    max speed on way up 130kph and uses about 45L fuel and 1/2L of oil each way.
  11. And friends recently sold their Mazda 323 with 520,000 kilometres and the head had never been removed. The only work ever done was normal maintenance.
    It had a lot of country driving with a commute from Bridgewater to Adelaide daily.

    It all depends on how its maintained and on the original design and build quality. Some motors can be rigorously maintained and still fail early because of design flaws.
  12. I think this quote id from black adder:

    "I have had this broom for 15 years and that time it has had 7 new handles and 5 new heads"
  13. Hey Natta the curse of the two stroke engine life got to you hey

    my RG not V i was running a full formula three spec engine it would make power to 12000 rpm 2000 into the redline it was geared to run out off puff at 220 ks last dyno run made on best set up gave it 62 bhp for a bike that weighed 130 ks you work the math.

    For this level of performance it required the following

    Rings and gaskets at 6 months

    Rings, gaskets and pistons at 12 months

    Full crank rebuild at 16 to 20 months including seals and gearbox bearings

    Mind you i rode it every day to work and home and did big runs on it as well 600 ks + so yeah i toured with it the twistyest road possible and i kept it for some 7 years (1987-1994) it cost heaps to run it but for my money i got a weapon that could eat 600-750 of the era down any twisty road you care to name it was cheap to rego and light and didnt cost 350 for a back tyre in 7000 ks

    Would i do it again Yep in a flash but am getting to the point in life that rebuilding an engine when i should be putting my kids to bed doesnt quite cut it any more so keep to the four strokes for now

    PS my old mans diesel van Mazda B2200 run up 975,000 ks before he traded it in on the original engine head not even off it once mind you it binned 1 gearbox and one exhaust sytem in that time
  14. I have a subaru 1600 wagon (1970sumthin) that has 1.19 Million km on the original motor and gearbox, and only the second clutch.

    Its soooo damn tired, drinks more oil than fuel, but i cant kill it.

    Tried hard, took it out into a paddock with my brother and flogged the crap out of it until we were just too tired to drive it anymore. It still starts first time you try.
  15. Around the mid to late eighties,manufacturers,in pretty much most areas,but Automotive lead the charge,discovered the concept of built in obselescence,where some a-hole realised,"hey,instead of building our cars-or bikes,for reputation of realiabilty,(like say Motoguzzi or BMW),lets build to have bits needing more frequently replacement,
    so instead of making the tolerances for 50 thou,we will make for 15 thou,they will rev better,go faster,wear out quicker and last a third as long,then we got da bastads by d balls and they have to rebuild their motor after 200 thou,instead of 450thou".
    Then theres more mark up and potential money in spares,than new machines. :mad:

    I met a mechanic years ago who worked for Holden,he said when say the HZ or EK,s era,out of a old 161,179 or 186,even 202 Motors,I could pretty much garantee you 300,000 without a worry,there was a customer there with his Camira that had been in 6 times in same amount of months complaining righfully so which is how the conversation got started,he said, now days,I couldnt garantee you 30k on that pile o crap Camira.
  16. says it all...