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Engine life and is this a fair buy - VFR750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by snowy, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Just wonderin if someone could shed some light on the engine life of a 96 model VFR750? I realise its a difficult question and ultimately engine life is dependent on how well its maintained, but a generic kinda idea would be terrific. I'm lookin at one thats is unmolested and relatively tidy, but it has 85000 kms on the clock, Dealer wants 4k with a worn rear tyre, 4.15k with new tyre.

    I know with other bikes I have (mainly 900 -1100cc UJM's) such kms are moderate and at this figure would have plenty of life left in them, but am a real noobie with 750 V4's.

    Any help and other tips on what to look for is gratefully appreciated.


  2. tell him 3.8 with a new tyre, and brakes.
  3. VFR750 has proven to be a pretty mega reliable bike and are still a cult bike to many. If its been properly maintained you should at least be able to double the kms. That said, the dealer probably gave someone $2000 trade in for it.
  4. Thanks gang, yeh he reckons he paid 3.5k, but hey we know about salesman...I agree with you guys 3.8 wiv new tyre or walk.
  5. VFR-750 engines last forever. A bloke in England is riding a '96 that is on its second engine, but the bike's total mileage is 800,000 MILES; the engine was changed at 400,000.
  6. I had a 1990 VFR750 with 175000ks on it when I sold it a couple of years ago. The engines was fine, for reliability and didnt blow smoke. They are overengineered to the max with the gear driven cams.

    They do blow their rectifiers and regulators, which can leave you stranded. Luckily mine did it in the city.

    I think $4K is a good price depending on how much rego and condition, especially since I got $3150 for mine on ebay (sight unseen). If you only have $4K to play with it is a decent bike for the money.

    Look for loose tailpieces too which lead to cracking. I think the mid 90s had that issue where they vibrated it loose as well.
  7. Many thanks for the quality advice once again guys, most appreciated, will let you all know the outcome :biker: