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Engine Immobiliser and Bike Alarm

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nodz, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. How much should an engine immobiliser cost to buy and then cost to fit? Obviously depends on what you buy but ball park figure? Can you fit them yourself?
    How much should an alarm cost to buy and then cost to fit? Again obviously depends on what you buy but ball park figure for middle of the road equipment. Can you install them yourself?

  2. I had a spyball alarm on the babyblade.

    Fantastic alarm, no false alarms, no draining the battery or anything silly like that.

    It was an alarm made for a motorcycle, not a car alarm that was adapted.

    It cost me $450 fitted by Zylux, not sure if they do them anymore.

    As for stand alone stuff, couldnt tell you, try looking at
    www.rpg.com.au or www.jaycar.com.au they might have something you may like.

    I think Fred Croft was working on an alarm for a bike, do a search, it was posted the other day.

    Good luck.

    http://www.spyball.it/ unfortunately you need to be able to read italian, looks like the have withdrawn their English site.
  3. No need to be able to read Italiano...just get Groberts to translate for ya :LOL:
  4. I'm curious, does anyone know of disclocks that have motion tripped alarms?
  5. Compare the cost v's your insurance premium maybe false economy, don't get me wrong I love Bond & would be devastated if anything happened to him but on a dollar cost average would an alarm be financially beneficial?
  6. https://netrider.net.au/linksdir/ and type in "alarm" in the search function :)
  7. http://www.rojone.com.au/bandit/

    Its nto cheap though....about $1000 for the unti and cost me $320 to get it installed it. But with it Swann will knock of 5% on thier premiums. But by the same token the value of the alarm is added to the bike so not entirely sure if I'm coming out ahead on that one.......will get my renewal in a month or two and well see how I fair.

    If you do decide to go down this route, PM me and I'll tell you what bits to buy and what not to buy. Wasted some cash on the Mapping software (better stuff out there) and backup battery which never fit in my bike, etc etc
  8. I've had it in my bike for 2 weeks now. It works a treat ;). This
    unit I has given me ideas for my next unit.

    I want to make it use far less power, fit a even louder alarm,
    implement possible engine immobiser (need bike schematic
    for this though), and give it the ability to send an SMS
    message via a cheap prepaid mobile.

    if anybody wants to build this, i'm happy to give you
    schematics and source code. ... but i would wait for
    my better design !