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Engine guard or crash knobs?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by hongyi77, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Trying to decide between engine guard or crash bar type vs oggy knobs style protection for my CB400.

    The nicer engine guard or sometimes called sub-frames bolt onto the frame but some seem to partly bolt on to the engine. The really nice ones are over $250 on Japan Webike. Oggies around $150.

    What are your opinions on the pros and cons of each type? I am going to get it fitted when I send it off for service so ease of installation is not an issue.

  2. I've heard mixed opinions about the Oggy Knobs, Everything from they saved my bike to they ruined my frame during a low speed incident.

    I would say from a Mechanical point of view the crash frames are you best bet, larger surface area and more (smaller) mount points will put less stress on the frame and anchor points. But I'm interested in seeing an answer from this thread.
  3. Steel tube sub-frames or alloy slide plates will do better in a moving fall than Oggys as they'll usually skid rather than risk digging in and potentially flipping the bike. In a static fall it's about even, and my Big Knobs worked well in such a drop. The frames can spread the load better, but given enough force both threaten to bend something they're attached to, that might not have been damaged in the first place. Frame damage is just about an automatic write-off these days. Of the two options, I'd say the sub-frames.
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  4. I read a review on Webike that some people scraped the sub frame with cornering. I do not think I am that extreme but if the road is cambered too much risk is there. No wonder the "slimmer" more flush frames are sooooo expensive! :eek:
  5. There are frames for my bike too, but the knobs give me somewhere to stretch out and rest my leg, giving my dicky knee some relief. Not unhelpful that a friend of mine makes Big Knobs, but the European-made frames look pretty good. I keep telling myself that I need to make some plate mounts for the knobs, to reduce any risk of engine or frame damage from the single point of attachment. Which frames have you found?
  6. I've been wondering about this exact same thing recently. Just to be clear, when we say "engine guard" and "sub frame" are we talking about something like these...


    Or these...


    Or these?

  7. More like the first one. The second one I have seen marketed as sliders mounted to the frame (more than one point) and third one is an engine case cover, not sure if it is meant for impact or just for slides or scrapes. I thought about a cover but I want some impact protection.
    This is the very expensive sub frame on Japan Webike.
  8. Im going to run both. May just need to run some longer bolts.
    Moriwaki knobs and some basic crash bars
  9. Will there be room for both? Some pics when you get them? :D
  10. With the crash bars ive got now i think there will be enough room.

    i can use the lower mounting bolt which is well clear of the crash bar.
  11. Aha, I have seen this bike on another thread ;) very nice bike and nice crash bars too. Get what you mean, definitely room for knobs to protect the lower part of the engine case.
  12. The Woodcraft stator covers are excellent and WILL allow you to ride away after a low-side. If they have started making other products, such as engine covers, I'd be the first to recommend you buy them.


    The red piece you see is a replaceable puck, designed to be worn away in the event of an accident. They are easy to replace and work brilliantly.
  13. Cool, more to google tonight, good to get ideas on what is out there! Thanks!

  14. That crash bar looks really nice. Does it protect the lower engine casing? Any idea where I can get them from?
  15. bars.
    These saved mine when some dickhead knocked it over in the carpark last week. Slight scratch on the muffler only damage.
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  16. I got them from ebay. If spaced a bit further out they would protect alot. I hope to do this when i get crash knobs.
  17. I've wondered at times how a single rear leaf spring off an old Holden, Ford or similar would work as cheap drop protection.
  18. you could get R&G case sliders if they make them for the 400.............they saved me from 'holing' the cases.... allowing it to be ridden home on Sunday:(

    used to be a caseslider there.JPG wont polish out.JPG

    think I needed a few glue to the tank though............ :(
  19. Oh no :( hope you are ok