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QLD Engine & gearbox for ZX10R Ninja (2005)

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by Valvoline, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. Wanted:

    wanting a repairable write off (preferred) or a complete working engine and gearbox for a 2005 Kawasaki ZX10R Ninja.

  2. I reckon you could bolt that in the ktm:hungry:
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  3. I wish itchinitchin ... I wish...
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  5. Whats the story ValvolineValvoline are you building a superkart!!!!!
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  6. I wish jellyfish! Lol
    I am trying to help out a friend who's bike gear box blew up. Needs the parts to get back on the road.... Which will mean I'll also be able to jump as 'luggage' and get my 1000cc fix!! :p Doesn't matter how much I will myself to reach a growth spurt, it's not gonna happen... This is the best way I can get my giggles on bigger bikes. :love:

    Thanks DangerousDangerous , (y) I'll pass the info on - although I don't know the rules behind using parts for a statutory wrote off vs a repairable write off.
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  8. Beat me to it!!
  9. Hi ValvolineValvoline, you can get a fairly good set of giggles out of a Ducati 696 and the seat height is excellent for shorties (ask PSYKCPSYKC ) . Its seat is 770mm stock which will be a lot better than your KTM 390 (std seat 800mm, assume you've lowered an inch maybe - so down to 775mm?) and has way more power/torque. The Duke 390 is 32kw and 35Nm, whilst the Duc 696 is 58.8kw and 89Nm, so while not in superbike territory, it is certainly a jump up from the Duke. And PSYKCPSYKC 's certainly pulls very hard! Might be worth a sunny Saturday to go find one at a dealer and give it a test ride....?

    Here's some from QLD, ignore the one sneaky 659 in there...


    Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for OP finding herself out of pocket following such test ride... :)
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  10. Lol chillibuttonchillibutton oh how I wanted to and tried! However the one large determining factor about bikes is not necessarily seat height...

    It is the width of the seat. The wider it is, the more height in the leg you loose. Thus it may sound like its a low seat height but in fact it may still be too high of it has a wider seat.

    I've tried all the 690s and even the sport S version with sculpted seat it way too high. Hard to get it off the stand unfortunately... :sorry: I used to have the SV690 and that was a hoot!! But alas still scrapping way too much in all the corners and for touring , it wasn't conducive...

    For the KTM 390 I've lowered it and got the sculpted seat so it's good :) I put the springs on softest setting. The seat is way skinnier than the 690 and hence why I can fit it.

    Mind you... The bike which I've ridden and it's all "me! Baby!!" Is the MV Augusta Dragster 800. :love::love:
    On the softest setting and pushing the forks through I was able to touch on tip toes. Skinniest seat ever ! :woot: Boy! What a rocket!! All you had to do was think about passing - and you already did!! Lol :happy: And yes... For that bike; you need to be v friendly with the bank manager or have a sugar daddy!
  11. Lol yes I rode the Dragster at an MVday as well and it's super impressive, not enough though for me to part with 20+k.
    So you said 690, do you mean KTM? I'm talking Ducati 696 Monster, have you tried that? My wife is only 159cm and the stock seat is good, not very wide at all. Are we on the same page?
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  12. Ah yes! I'm 1.48cm / 4 foot 11, the issue with the Ducati is the tank length. I'm kissing the tank to get to the bars (even with raisers & slightly more curved towards the rider). So it isn't really the 'touring' bike I needed :confused: but they sure sound nice & no doubt better power!! :D
    V twins or inline 2 cylinder bikes are a bit better configuration for the short bums out there lol
    Prob looking at the mt07 (unrestricted) version next ;)
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  13. Ah makes sense now.

    Solution: shoehorn that thou engine into a Grom frame - sorted!
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  14. image. Now if you got one of these, you would be super cool. Cannot resist a lady on a Guzzi (being a Guzzi rider myself)

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