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Engine died twice today...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by josh909, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. OK, so on the way up to Berowra today I really wrung my poor little VTR's neck on the freeway and then after the exit as i'm coasting up to the stop sign with the clutch all the way in she dies... a quick push on the starter and she's running again :eek:

    Didn't really think anything of it until on the way home, again I wring her neck on the freeway and as I pull up to the traffic waiting to turn onto the Pacific Highway, same thing happens... again, she starts with a push on the starter, no problem :x

    This is only the first (and second) time this has happened and aside from this my bike was running really well today. I only had her 12K service done about a month ago. Anyone have any suggestions as to why this might have happened?

    Cheers :D

  2. is the idle speed what it should be?
    this tank of fuel from the usual place if you do have a usual place?
  3. the idle hasn't changed lately... most mornings i start it with no choke and hardly any throttle...

    fuel wasn't from the usual place but about 10 of us filled up this morning at a major brand... no one else reported any problems...
  4. Are you running stock exhaoust??

    Has the air filter been replaced when it had it's service done??

    I have this happen ocasionaly on the CBX... new air filter has fixed the problem... it was running bit rich and I think the carby got drained and a wee bit of fuel strarvation caused it to die...
  5. i'm running a staintune though this was the first time i've ~really~ pushed her since getting it. the air filter was replaced a month ago for the 12K service.
  6. A staintune would make it run leaner not richer.
    fuel starvation is the culprit.
    It may help to up the idle a touch.
  7. Coasting up to the lights, Clutch in?????? Sounds like bad riding habits already. The clutch should be used for starting, stopping and gear changing..... NOT COASTING........ Riding the clutch like this is to be not in control.
  8. Sounds to me like your VTR was starved of fuel. It might have something to do with your new staintune. Did you get your bike re-tuned after you had it fitted or did they just wack it on and send you on your way?
  9. another easy thing that may be worth checking is your battery acid levels...
    What you were experincing sounds a bit like a problem I had. It was simple enough but took me ages to figure out because i was convinced there was something wrong with the wiring of the fuel pump.
    If all else fails then give this a go.
  10. when i said 'coasting' i meant the final metre or so before coming to a complete stop.

    rode to work this morning... no problems at all (though i wasn't pushing it like yesterday). when i get home i'm going to:

    1. adjust the idle a touch
    2. put my battery on the trickle charger
    3. put half a cap of metho in the fuel

    i won't have a chance to test it under the same conditions until next weekend but if the problem persists i'll see a doctor or bike professional :LOL:
  11. Welcome to the world of VTRs...

    Yes, otherwise it goes 'boing boing boing' as the engine doesn't like being forced to a standstill :)

    Seriously though, this is a common problem on the VTR and there is no documented 'fix' for it.
    Most mechanics put it down to being due to the size of the carbs and the petrol feed tubes, but it's not uncommon when you are braking then go to open the throttle for the engine to instantly die.
    I've had two VTRs (1997 and 2003), and although it's not a regular occurrence it's happened to me several times. I suspect it may even be related to the floats in the carbs bouncing as the braking forces are released. These things have bloody big carbs...

    But... there is one odd thing that can cause it (as bizarre as it may sound)... If you have an alarm on the bike with a remote control, make sure the buttons can't be accidently press when it's in your pocket. I fitted a Jaycar alarm a few months ago and it has an engine kill function where if the big (easily pressed) button is pushed then it momentarily cuts the ignition (to thwart a bike-hijacking). It did it yesterday when I pulled out of a servo turning right, got half way around to the lane, then it died instantly as the ignition was momentarily cut off. Took me a few seconds to figure out what had happened! :)

  12. Re: Welcome to the world of VTRs...

    Far safer to hook the immobiliser up to the starter button rather than the ignition! If you accidentally hit the immobiliser, then it doesn't do anything... just means that hitting the starter button won't do a thing.
  13. that's not really a good thing... unless it is *really* hot there

    (reason being if you dont need the choke to start, it's running rich)
  14. First thing you might want to check, is all you vacum and fuel lines and make sure they are well clamped, check all the leads and wiring too. They might have slightly come loose when you were thrashing it and could be causing the problem. Also check you carby, make sure the choke isn't slightly stuck. Keep you tank fairly full, perhaps even check if its dirty. Its probably best to start checking these first before spending any money on parts.

  15. Pulling the clutch in whilst coasting is very different from riding the clutch.

    And riding the clutch is a very useful tool in riding, especially at very slow speeds. Riding the clutch in those circumstances is to be in more control than without riding it.