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Engine cutting out on CBR250R

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Greentea, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Ive had a constant problem with my CBR250R, ive noticed that sometimes it likes to spontaneously die while the clutch is in and youre sitting at the lights but this only happens when the engine is warm.
    Ive been riding it to work and its fine for the entire journey untill i pull into the carpark, pull the clutch in and just roll down the hill. As i do this it seems the engine just cuts out after a few meters of rolling.
    Its also been having a bit of trouble starting when its warm which i assume is part of the same problem. The only way it will start is if there is a bit of throttle on when trying to kick it over and even then i can sometimes feel a distinct lack of power as i try to rev it. As in, it kicks over and i roll on a bit more throttle, it revs then starts to lose power untill it cuts out no matter how much im revving at the time.
    Ive had a spark plug and oil change.
    Im not too sure what it could be, any help?

  2. Sounds like the mixture is running too rich. When you get to idle engine speeds the effect is like having the choke out.

    You can temporary fix it by increasing the idle speed, then get the oxygen / fuel mix checked.
  3. It does certianly sound like its running too rich. As said before it would be like having the choke out... My bike does what u described if I forget to turn off the choke when shes warm....
  4. yep, get ya mixtures balanced and adjusted, shouldnt cost ya too much, then again its a CBR250??
  5. Cheers guys, thanks for the help!
    Ill try to get it booked in when i have some free time.