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Engine Cut Outs

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Set, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. The bike;

    Make: Hyosung GT650R (2010 Model)
    KM's: 1300
    Fuel Used: Always premium fuel offered at the pump
    Service History: Just received first 1000km service less than a week ago.

    So I bought the bike about two months ago from Peter Stevens in Melbourne. Since then, I have been having issues with the bike stalling. The situation does not seem to occur with any specific chain of events, it seems to happen randomly whenever it wants to; I have had it cut out whilst doing 100 down the freeway, and also whilst doing low speeds in residential areas. During this time, the weather and road conditions an riding have been fairly standard - around 20-30 degrees, no rain, no excessive speed etc.

    The situation can best be reproduced by being stationary whilst in 1st gear (clutch in) or in neutral. I give the engine a quick burst of power (to around 4k revs) then as the revs drop back, the engine will just cut out entirely. After this, the only way to get the engine restarted is to give it quite a bit of throttle whilst starting. It also seems to occur more whilst down gearing coming up to a red light.

    On a side note, once I do get it started again, the bike will sometimes rev itself to ~3k revs without my hand even being on the throttle.

    I have taken the bike into PS' twice for this issue to be rectified however both times they have said "Yeah, we just had to adjust the clutch cable, should be sweet now bro". It is becoming quite a hazardous issue, as I almost hit a kid crossing the road today after the engine cut and the rear locked up, causing me to fishtail all over the place.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be so I could mention them to the PS service guys when I take it in (again). If you need any other information about the bike or anything please don't hesitate to ask, unfortunately my technical knowledge of bikes is limited but I'll do my best.

  2. They have a couple of common problems...

    The side stand switch is pants, always have been... loop it out temporarily and see

    The Tank vent isn't open properly, if you can hear a load of air rush in when you open it then you have that one...

    If it's EFI there are a number of new issues coming up so it's any-ones guess, If it take a real company ages to get injection maps right how long is going to take Hyosung...

    Last but not least don't take it to PS they're useless take it some where else
  3. My guess is PS is really his only option for under warranty repairs (if that counts)?
  4. Nope you can take it to any hyo dearler. PS being the official importer are usless.
  5. Hi Set.

    I also have a 2010 GT650R (with near 10,000km) with almost identical issues. So I have some good news..

    It's a voltage issue.

    1.) If your bike cuts out and doesn't like starting afterwards its the fuel pump that has resigned.

    2.) If your bike cuts out at idle/clutch in then either your rectifier/regulator or stator has retired. Basically the voltage drops to below the level at which it can sustain the spark plugs.

    I've had so far the fuel pump replaced (cured the problem of it not starting up when hot) and the rectifier/regulator replaced (improved its cut out rate). The stator is apparently faulty and will be fitted this week. Its likely if the rectifier/regulator has been fried for long then your stator might be on its way out too.

    Have PS or whoever you decide to take it to check the voltage of those components.

    My engine would cut out after it gets nice and warm and only at idle in neutral or idle via clutch in - what about yours?

    Slowly my bike has improved with each part replaced lol.

    Oh and the 3k idle rev after restarting it, yeah i got that too. I wouldn't worry about it as it goes back down to normal soon after.
  6. Cheers, thanks for that! I am about to take it in to them, I'll make sure I mention those things to them. It's sad these issues seem to come up in the Hyo - when it works it is a dream to ride!

    I'll keep this thread updated on any progress with it, thanks for the help :]