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engine cut at full turn!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by buckett, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone!

    If you guys have the chance to help me out you'd be legendary! =D>

    I've done a forum search but can't find my issue anywhere.

    I have a 1999 cb250 that's been running very well since i got it 3 months ago
    Have had it serviced once after which there was still come clutch drag no matter how i adjusted the cable, so as per my clymer manual I got a new cable, installed it through the same route as old one, and it's been awesome ever since.

    Something I noticed today worried me though! I was parking by backing into a tight spot (with clutch in, not in neutral) in the city and it seems that when i full lock to the left the engine cuts! There is no pull as if the clutch is coming loose or anything, it just cuts completely! Starts back up fine, doesn't happen on right hand full lock.

    also fyi, was coolish weather but with warm engine at end of 20 min ride, bike has 70, 000km, has been rebuilt at 50. Have had a few small electrical issues with dash lights not working but went away and none for a month.

    What could this be? where can i start in looking for the issue?

    thanks a bunch for reading
  2. Definitely a routing issue - check your right-side (throttle) cables for "tension" on the lock...
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  3. Thankyou!
  4. Just something to check first - if you don't have joy I'm sure we can get someone around to take a look...
  5. Could be that when turning left lock, a wire has rubbed through and is earthing/shorting out, causing it to stop. Will it re-start while it is held on left lock?
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  6. ^ I was thinking the same thing....sounds electrical - a contact on the frame @ full lock
  7. I'm thinking electrical too. I had something similar happen before, although it just affected auxiliary electrics, not the spark.
  8. cool cool, thanks everyone. Will check tomorrow for tension on the throttle cable and see if i can get it to turn over/ restart when at full left lock.
  9. check your choke cable.

    it may be getting caught somehow at full lock and cutting the engine.
  10. hmm OK so started up this morning with full choke on (brings up idle to 2k revs +) and turned to full left. Revs dropped around 500rpm down but did not cut engine! Soo, does this mean it is likely to be a choke cable routing issue?

    THEN! once I got home after a 15 minute trip, the problem seems to have vanished!, no rev drop or cut out at full left lock at all! Does this sound like a cable routing issue or electrical?

    thanks for everyone's input, much appreciated
  11. I'm starting to think slideways was right with the choke cable call...
    Maybe check the cable sheath where it crosses the headstock for wear?
  12. problem has stopped and i couldn't find any issues with cable wear or catching so just wanted to say thanks for everyone's input!
  13. Sorry to chime in late, I agree with the others that its electrical. My guess based on having this exact thing on an older 250 is it's a broken wire in its sheath where the 2 ends only separate when its at full lock. It's probably right in the elbow of wires as they leaves the ignition barrel. It will eventually get worse to the point that it will cut out when you turn the bars only a small amount. If you go around a corner and the engine cuts out, that's not a good thing. Electrical gremlins never resolve themselves and always come back to bite people in the a$$ sooner or later.
  14. thankyou thankyou for chiming in! I will get around to checking this in the next week!!! cheers!
  15. howdy people. So I finally got around to having a good look today. Turns out one of the rings that hold all the cables neat was rubbing against the holding cable pipe thing (including the choke) and had worn through the piping and at full lock would penetrate right in to make contact with the wires, fixed that shit up ghetto style with some tape (as pictured, you can see the ring that rubbs against it at full lock). Just wanted to say thanks so much for your help guys. Hopefully all solved for the future! (until my tape wears out anyways)

    edit... not really sure how to embed a picture properly yet...
  16. ...and it's not actually solved at all... crap
  17. The CB250's at my learners course had the exact same issue. The instructor said at full left lock there was a tension problem with the cables from the throttle side. He said that of the 12 CB's they have, 8 of them have the problem.
  18. Oh ok cheers this is good. It doesn't really worry me normally because It's just when I'm parking that it happens really, was just worried about it becoming a worse problem in the future. thanks
  19. Sorry to hear that. If I was you I'd do a quick test with a multimeter in full lock when its doing it - probe for continuity and shorting down the wires, starting as they come out the ign and about 12inches later to start with (probe further along to widen the net if that doesnt reveal anything). You can keep working your way back up or down the wire from either end until you've found the dodgy area to fix up. Google it if you're not sure. It may not be the problem but if it is you'll find it pretty quickly.
  20. ok cool bananas thanks very much. Will do in the coming weeks for sure, at the very least it's a learning experience :applause: