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Engine Case Protectors.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. The rule about Engine Case Protectors, on all 4 stroke Racebikes, will be enforced from now on. You will need to have them fitted, next weekend at Winton.
    Here is a piccie of my skilled hands, making one.
    Here is another piccie of a pair, which will be on duty, on Cejay,s bike. If you haven't made yours yet, I suggest that you get onto it. I have been informed that the Stewards will rigorously enforce this rule, henceforth.

  2. Thanks Rog!
  3. ah, erm.....that's very nice and all, but cejay needs one to go all the way around.
    Possibly armour plated too.
    And bigger bolts.....really f#ck off big ones.
    Drag webbing might be overkill?
    Perhaps a drip tray?
  4. you're a funny fella :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. uncle rog, from what material are you forging these beauties?
  6. Uncle Joel, my brother mod, they are carefully handcrafted from 3mm aluminium, with 6mm ally supports.
  7. Tough on the scrutineers having to enforce a stupid and unpopular rule. They looked really tired after so many arguments at Wakefield Park weekend before last - even though they were fairly lenient on the day.

    Be curious to see how many guys turn up without covers.
  8. So what happened with the SV in the end Cejay? Did you manage to find a motor?
  9. Oh yeah! 2nd hand from the nice people at Vic Wreckers. Done 1 track day and 1 race on it and it seems fine. And the nice guys at Vic Wreckers have their children going through Uni courtesy of me!!
  10. Ooh. Can you get those in chrome?
  11. Having spent 1/3 the market value of my 900RR on repairs I feel your pain!

    Good luck in round 2! Keep us posted on the results.
  12. Rog's are a work of art, especially in comparison to the frying pans that were in attendance at the PI IC.
  13. They are not avail in chrome.
  14. Cejay, did they fit up ok? They had better.
  15. Aluminium polishes up nicely though...... :grin:
  16. After pricing some stuff there in the past, I'm guessing they have about 20 children, each wanting to be surgeons.....
  17. This is our production versions.

  18. looks trick
  19. Very cool. How much?