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engine case colour on monster?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by LCGTR1970, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I want to touch up a couple of chips in the paint on my engine case, and just want to know what the engine casing colour is on my 97 ducati monster. ive been to a few paint places here and theyre not 100% sure. I dont have a code or anything to go by. So does anyone have a paint code or paint colour name?
    Thanks guys


  2. shocking pink, or electric pink - i can't tell the difference.
  3. Sigh.

    It's fuschia.
  4. Just take the bike to a decent auto paint shop & they can match it.
    Give it a polish first to remove top layer of grime. washing isn't good enough.
  5. gray engine case colour?
    what street said, no way of picking it as cameras/monitors/printers change colours.
  6. i realise that resolution etc may distort the true colour, but the reason I posted this up is that I was hoping someone who actually owns a duke or is in the know in terms of paint they used may be able to help me with an actual colour name OR paint code that i can supply to my painter to ensure its exact.

    The reason the pic is there is coz there are 2 different case colours for monsters depending on year (darker like mine, or a lighter shade for newer ones), so hoping that the image helps differentiate between the 2.

    I have taken it to a few painters and its a strange colour in the flesh and they didnt want to try and match it (to find out it isnt 100% match) they wanted a code or colour name that they can use to search up the correct mix for this shade and get it spot on.

    thanks guys
  7. I'd just mask it up and hit it with matt black. Then keep going. Except for the wheels. :)
  8. Maybe try the Ducati Dealership or service manual or similar? Worth a try... :)
  9. There isn't a sticker under the seat somewhere, that gives the colour codes?
  10. Most Motorcycle manufacturers will give a colour name or even a code.
    But that is a colour code only, it won't give the formula to mix the paint.
    Problem is, they don't give out the formula to paint manufacturers!!
    Trust me,,, I used to have a panel shop.