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engine builders bris, zx7r

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Shifty, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Hi guys

    I'm considering doing the engine on my zx7r. Looking at a zxr750 crank and overbore.

    After some knowledge on the subject & a local engine builder preferably with some type of involvement in race / modified builds. Not building a race motor but it's not a basic off the shelf build either.


  2. I did mine on an old gsx1100efe myself (with dad's help). Bought the pistons from team show and go in SA, then took the barrels/pistons to a guy at wishart called ron russ - cant find his number, or even know if he's doing machining anymore. He overbored to suit, matched the pistons to bores etc. I re-assembled the block (top end rebuild only) and put it all back together. Took the head to a place in albion to get reco'd (valve seats ground, ports cleaned and make sure its flat/straight).

    If you can source the bits yourself (i.e from overseas) and do everything but the machining yourself, you will save an absolute bucketload.

    Have you done any research at all on the build? Would a zx9 engine fit in the frame? A low k zx9 engine from the wreckers would be the easiest way to upgrade power (assuming the swap was a straight bolt it - a lot of suzukis you can do something similar) would cost less than a rebuild also.

    IMO - its not worth rebuilding these engines unless you are doing it yourself, and can get all the bits as cheap as possible. A fresher engine from the wreckers swapped in would be cheaper.

    EDIT: this was quite a few years ago (early 2000's) but budget close to $2K for parts alone in a top end rebuild. More if you are doing bottom end also. $5K minimum for a full rebuild, without bling bling parts (remember carbs will need an upgrade to match internals if more power is required).

    Better off selling and buying a newer/faster bike.