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Enforcement done right

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by titus, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. That's what I said. I feel I have to put this on the record. Yesterday I, and a few riders, with me had an encounter with one of Victoria Police's finest, and I can say that with no sarcasm whatsoever.

    Out riding to the northwest of Melbourne over some little-known backroads, and coming home we pulled onto a major highway. I had clocked the white tourer fairing a long way off, so I was a bit surprised when we were ushered to a roadside stop (lights, no siren). Still had that sinking feeling even though I was sure I was under the limit. You never know what you're gonna get, do you?

    Well, he had the decency to put us at ease straight away buy explaining his mission, which was a response to the bad week for bikes around Easter. License, rego check, bit of a talk which included some quite good advice, no talking down to us at all. Business-like, and he didn't miss a thing including a couple of slightly questionable details on two of the bikes, but then he advised how to get 'em fixed (!) without the lesson getting all expensive on us.

    The bloke was a genuine enthusiast, and we ended up having a good yack about bikes. It's not often I can say my encounters with plod have included good advice on how to tackle the local race track (!). Proper gentleman, and I wish they all left us better off than when we started.
    Thank you, sir.

  2. I do like hearing stories like this... they are rare enough, especially down your way!
  3. you should write a letter to Victorian police and tell them the same story, show the we appreciate professionalism like that
  4. Maybe, if I could be sure the guy wouldn't get some grief over not finding cause to issue a few fines. I'm happy to deal with the real cops face to face any time, but I don't trust the leadership.
  5. Nothing like the use of discretion.
  6. It's refreshing to meet a good officer, pity they seem to be far and few these days. Seems most would rather be some where else and maybe that's a sign they don't believe in the BS they are being asked to sell?
  7. Actually under the Community Policing & Education initiative their key performace Indicators are not necessarily how many people they actually book but they take into account the sort of encounter you had.

    You certainly won't get the guy into trouble. Quite the reverse.
  8. so were you over the limit? Cos from the way it reads you were doing nothing wrong so they pulled you over, then looks for issues and give you a warning, sure that ok, but did he need to pull you over to start with?? yeah that sounds like a nice story :-s if he pulls you over and says look your over but we both now it was safe, keep to the limit as you approach town etc that would be a good story
  9. Not quite. I didn't believe we were over but that wasn't the point. He explained they were on a mission this month to do rego/license/safety checks, and to do a bit of pro-active educational stuff. It was never really about speed at all.
    Given that he was tasked with pulling over as many bikes as possible and fulfilling that mission, I just felt it was well handled, that's all I'm saying. We actually got some worthwhile stuff out of it.

    (Point noted, Tony).
  10. Good story titus.

    I had the same thing easter saturday, crusing around 110 on the back roads, pulled up for a license check, we had a SV1000 with a bent numberplate, two other bikes with nearly bald tyres & my TRX with Leo Vince pipes...

    Didn't mention the speed or the exhausts, did mention the tyres, but only to get them replaced, no fines were issued & used his discretion regarding the number plate, ie he said if it was bent back by the time he was finished taking the details, no more would be said.

    Had a quick chat to him, a bunch of them came down on bikes from melbourne (to warrnambool) took them something like 11 hours, pulling up idiots with caravans all the way :rofl:

    Seemed like a decent bloke... go figure. I reckon the bike cops are a different breed to your standard copper, based on my interaction with them.
  11. OMG, just happen to me less than hour ago.
    Was crusing down East Boundary Rd getting ahead of cars, doing 10 to 20 km/h over the limit, i admit.

    Once I was infront of all the cars, went to look at my mirrors and noticed a Police Motorcycle on my arse, so I figured to signal left and pull over before the sirens and lights, but he rides next to me and waves me to pull over.
    Once I got to the left side of the road, I put my kick stand down and hes sitting on my right side asking what licence I've got. Wtf?
    Tell him I've got a full licence, he gave me the thumbs up and proceeded to filter through traffic and over the hill he went.
    What an awesome officer ;-)
  12. Stop making this public. there will be a crackdown
  13. Just goes to show not all cops are pigs.

    In fact in my experiance the good cops far out number the pigs. Most of them are just doing their job, but like most humans react negatively to bad attitudes.
  14. I recall reading in the local (Leader Group) paper about an upcoming campaign targetting motorcyclists and spreading the 'safety' word...sounds like this is it.

    Wouldn't get too carried away with the goodwill...it'll probably be short lived.

    Most VicPol solo guys are riders so they understand.
  15. If I managed to have one of these illusive, and definitive encounters with the plod...well...umm...I think I'd just stand there and piss in my leathers. :dance:
  16. Haha, just read a thread on why it's not a good idea to buy used leathers! 8-[
  17. Pretty much what I expected. There is no argument, the motorcycle constabulary are out there to make sure as many of us survive as possible. Whether this means getting our bikes back into safe shape, or whether it means teaching us what we are doing wrong, it doesn't matter.

    As a long term rider (close to 40 years) much as it irks me to to say it folks, for the past couple of years they really have been on our side.
  18. I have been stopped 3 times by cops in Melbourne back in 2000 and have to say they were always professional and helpful....

  19. Well with the number of riders down this year in VIC it's no suprise...
    This type of policing is more positive and better accepted than fines for every puny issue they can find.
    Hope they keep this attitude up and don't reverse their attitude with the coming noise blitz...
  20. There seem to be two driving forces to the way your encounter with VP will turn out.

    The first is the individual. A lot of police are riders - not just the solo guys. If they have a good understanding of riding you often get a fair outcome, whatever the reason for the interaction. Some just plain don't like motorcycles and you'll know it.

    The other is the mission they're on. Plainly, the encounter I had was part of the community policing effort and that, i have decided, is a good thing. But if they have been sent out on a 'crackdown' - usually politically motivated - then even the best of them aren't going to be out there winning friends. As a result they are then surly, grumpy and in an intolerant mood to begin with. Black Spur campaign is a prime example.

    It still confounds me that one camp in the VP hierarchy tries to win hearts and minds, and then another lot comes along the next week and stomps it all under the jackboot. Maybe it's always been like that...