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enduro/long touring bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by russ, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. been dribbling over BMWs 1200gs after watching the long way round, but balked a bit at the price tag naturally

    are there any other bikes out there of similar ilk but just a tad cheaper?

    had a look around at the majr brands but with no real experience it is hard to tell if their bikes stack up. anybody have experience with hardcore offroad touring and can enlighten me?

  2. i am too looking in a few months to get a good dual sport bike. motorcycle trader had a 'best dual sport ride off" a few issues ago. the more affordable models that reviewed well were the triumph tiger and the cagiva elefant. honda's transalp has also been highly recommended but the one that i rode on seemed to be a tad hot aorund the legs.

    i really like the sv650s but i am not sure of its off road/track preformance.
  3. The V-Stroms seem to be a popular choice.
  4. guess it would depend on bitumen/gravel proportions.

    i am looking for the same sort of bike sometime in the next 6 months.
    I also like the Tiger and the V-Storms.
    Have ridden the V-storm and was impressed. nothing exciting but easy and comfy to ride.
  5. Any Tiger owners here? Only know one and he lurves it. Was at a luncheon at Parl house ages ago in honour of Mick Doohan and a guy on a blue Tiger rode all the way up to the top of the stairs for a photo shoot. I only got my 5 fiddy up 2 stairs :oops:
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  7. I've seen Tigers ridden well in anger, but I don't think they're the best for the job, they're really a road bike like the Strom, with a bit of extra clearance and slightly bumpy tyres.

    I reckon if it's serious bad-ass offroad action you crave, you want the lightest big-ass bike you can find... The beemers look great, and those KTM adventures seem to get reasonable press. The 'Strom is great for dirt roads etc but I'm not sure it's really gonna handle the NO-road stuff, the're ENORMOUS!
  8. Yeah, I've heard some good things about the Tiger and it's dirt road performance. If there are No roads where you want to go then it may be a thumper you are after eg a XR650ish These are fine off road and on gravel and are ok on the highway (damn seats are hard but).
  9. I've spent a fair bit of time thinking on this question, and test-ridden a few of them.
    The trouble is that for a bike to be any good on dirt roads, it tends to compromise its on-tar performance. Most manfacturers are taking the class down the tar/touring route(with a little bit of dirt thrown in). Think Tiger, Varadero, V-Strom. Buell Ulysees is actually set up more sporty than these. The Cagiva Navigator might just do the job if you could actually get your hands on one (but don't count on it). IMO there are only two that I think of that successfully hit the right balance of you really want to get adventurous, but still demand tar handling and good power - the BM1200GS and the KTM. Both $20,000+ motorcycles :cry:
    If you still want to do a lot of dirt riding but haven't got that kind of money to spend, you'll need to look for something older:
    - Cagiva Elefant (the predecessor to the current Navigator, but with a Ducati V twin). Quite rare, especially in good condition, but when they're good, they're very competent. Ducati reliability in the outback? hmmm...
    - Honda Africa Twin, preferably the 750. Not officially sold in Aus, but there's a few imports around. Spares would be an issue.
    BMW R100GS. Getting a bit long in the tooth now, but probably the most practical option.
    It's a bit like the 4WD issue - everyone wants to be ABLE to go off-road, but not very many actually do. At least that's what the manufacturers seem to think. If somebody built a proper dirt-capable bike of about 190kg dry weight, 90-odd hp (even 80 would do) for about A$15-16k, I reckon they'd clean up!
  10. Mate Try the BMW F650 GS - I have just bought one and it is fantastic - about 14,500 on road (in Tassie anyway) and insurance is pretty cheap because of the class of bike...BMW is also running a deal with free panniers, ABS and heated handgrips all standard - they are an AWESOME bike on and off road and really well balanced...

    Can't go wrong with this bike - BTW it also Pillions really really well.

    Happy hunting!
  11. Hey Zeus
    you've just bought my dream bike. Damn you :grin:
    did you consider the Dakar version of the F650? and if so can you tell me what the differences are between it and the normal F650?

  12. so the question is, is the longer travel suspension and bigger front wheel worth the extra $750?
  13. Bigger front wheel makes it easier when doing off-road stuff.

    Comes down to what % of dirt vs tar you are going to do.
  14. is a 21" wheel going to be a negative for on-road work?

    obviously the longer travel suspension and bigger wheel results in effectively a higher seat height, so if thats not a problem (which it isnt for me) then i'm assuming the go would be the Dakar version.

    although is it a case of if your only doing the occasional bit of fire trails say once a month then the Dakar version is over-kill???

    another thing i just found out is the 'Dakar' has lower first gear for improved off road work.
  15. For a lot of the fun off-road stuff, you're bum isn't even in the seat :)

    Meaning you're standing on the pegs to give you more stability.

    You pay more for the Dakar to get better off-road capabilities. Up to you if you think it's worth it, as it's up to you how much you'll be taking it off-road.

    Same with the 1150GS vs the 1150GS Adventure.

    Adventure costs more for extra fuel range, lower first gear, better suspension, bigger front wheel. Again totally unnecessary if you're not going to be doing a lot of dirt.