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Enduro Conversion

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by Pezza, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    So far I have already owned 3 motards, an XT660X, DRZ400SM and currently have a 640SM. Now I want to go out and get myself something like a WR450F or CRF450X. The only thing that I am hesitant about is the extra maintenance that comes with these bikes.

    All my previous ones have had pretty lengthy service intervals. I ride this every day to work which is around a 20km return trip. Was just wondering for those with experience Takamii just how the WR is for example for everyday use as well as ease of maintenance with oil changes etc.

    I would love for this to be my next project just need a little insight. Thanks guys

  2. I did oil changes at 1500kms because it was a road motard and didn't go on the dirt

    It would take about 30 minutes to do a complete oil change

    However - I sold the bike to get a later model fuel injected bike and now have a 2009 husky TE510 which are great value second hand to buyplus they have a button and kick start and a keyed ignition

    I was tired of the carby and the fact it wasnt as smooth as injection and needed the choke and so on to start it

    The spark plug on the husky is easily changed with no removal of any thing on the bike

    the valves are quicker to check than changing the oil

    The sump has a sight glass for oil level

    little things like that made me get a husky

    plus the equivalent ktm yammy or husaberg with injection and so was at least 3000 more

    Im not too worried about maintenance schedule too many people with dirt bikes they are selling ( all makes) claim to change their oild every 500 meters do the air cleaner every ten meters and rebuild the engine on their bikes every time they leave the driveway - they spend more time in maintenance then riding and more in consumables per year than the bike cost
  3. thanks for the reply, when i am ready to upgrade ill probably got down the path of the SMR511 Pretty sexy bike and not too expensive. Doubt ill be able to get one here tho probably have to fly back to melbourne
  4. dirt bikes are for dirt
  5. actually at the tracks there is a dude with a YZ450 converted to sportbike=

    same frame+ new swingarm and forks and plastics
    looks like a roadbike until you see the frame and engine.

    he didn't seem too impressed with it though

    (gearing has a lot of influence on these bikes)
  6. Until you put 17 inch rims and some sticky tyres on them.
  7. road a klx 250 for 4 or 5 years . (18/21's)
    people mock them but it was a beautiful bike

    on the blacktop it was great in corners but not so great on the straights...


    why i wanna get a two stroke, can service it myself. once you blow a four stroke, you may as well head to the wreckers to sell it, no point even trying to fix it