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Enduro bike Idiot....near head-on

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by brumby, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. I was riding with a reasonably large group today heading up to Glouster from Newcastle via Dungog, I don't know this area real well but it was somewhere between Stroud & Glouster, we were riding round some curved narrow peices of road with double yellow lines and due to the close corners, it would've been suicidal to even attempt an overtake but this Idiot on a Enduro trail bike (looked like a KTM..but not sure) flew past quite a few of us around a blind corner, on the wrong side of the road going well over 100kph and then came a car around the corner in the opposite direction...well this wanker on the enduro cut straight in front of the bike in front of me missing that bike by what seemed to be inches rather than feet just in the nick of time before becoming another dead hero...absolute D*^KHEAD!!

    If the bike in front of me, a new Trumpy Thunderbird, was a few feet further ahead than where he was,
    1/ he would've got knocked off his bike from this idiot when cutting in front...as you know, it only takes clipping someone's front wheel.
    2/ idiot would have no-where to go and meet his fate, taking the Trumpy rider with him and possibly me...it was soo friggen close....my heart was pounding like hell just from adrenalin of watching all this unfold in front of me in a millisecond...that's all this idiot had or he would've been toast.

    He was going that quick, we didn't know he was coming around us..so we didn't even have time to make allowances.I hope he sh1t himself!!

    Fairdinkum, we all take risks of some sort but this was absolutely suicidal and he almost got his wish.

    And if by chance...that idiot is reading this....for F*^ks sake...sell your bike..get off the road before you kill yourself and take others with you ya wanker...you don't deserve a license...if you've actually got one.

    Hate to say it but not all idiots are in cars...there are some on bikes as well.

    Ok...got this off my chest now....gggrrrrrrr!!

  2. Sounds like he's riding reckless as to your safety and his own... Seen a few before while riding , unfortunately there's not a lot you can do to prevent them. One guy on a 'busa nearly collected another rider going the other way when he went into a corner way too got after overtaking me after his mate did. Glad to hear you made it out alright