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Endangering myself and my pillions?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattb, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. I posted recently about a new bad rattle in my engine. Thanks to the responses here
    https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=28605 (Typhoon - seems the tensioner is internal to the engine...my latest thing is that oil pressure, which tightens my cam chan, is too low and so is the cause).

    Accompanying the new sound, when I ride the freeway, the oil pressure light goes on a lot (as it does when revving with gusto from the lights), perhaps for ten seconds, then nothing, then a longer or shorter stretch one or five minutes later. There is consistently plenty of (new) oil in there. My question is, if it's low pressure, then if the relevant low-oil-caused disaster occurs, is it the sort that involves risk to myself and my passengers? I really want to do some touring, and that little warning light's taking the pleasure out of it, due to the fear the engine might siddenly seize up (I'm mechanically ignorant, so I wouldn't know). The light has had a habit of going on now and then without cause, before this new issue and noise arose, but now it's pretty consistent at high revvs/speeds.

    Otherwise I'll ignore it, and rely on RACV for peace of mind :)

    Thanks, Matt.
  2. I would check (or have checked) a few things.
    Firstly is the oil pressure. Have it checked with a proper pressure gauge.
    Secondly is the oil pump pickup and screen. They may have come loose.
    Thirdly is teh oil filter. If it's assembled incorrectly (without a certain washer and/or spring) you may lose oil presure.
    It sounds suspiciously like there's insufficient oil in there at the moment though, how are you measuring oil quantity?
    *edit* After reading your post again, it really does sound like insufficient oil. Try adding another half litre to the sump, and tell us what the sight glass shows after that. If you get an improvement, try adding a little more at a time.
    How many litres does your bike take for a refill of oil with filter?

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Hi Andrew.

    Thanks for the reply. The bike takes 3 litres, which I put into it yesterday (though it had new oil 1500kms ago, before the noise started). This was a cheaper oil (can't remember the (mainstream) brand) than I usually use, hence I replaced it (albeit with the same) to check it hadn't lost its life quickly. I always have the oil slightly over-filled, to the top, or just above the top, of the site glass, and I check it every couple of days and it's always up there (despite the fact that every part of the engine seems to weep the stuff! - when I stop at the lights for long enough, smoke starts to rise from the engine! :LOL: )

    The oil filter, which I removed accidently, when I did that oil change 1500 or about two months ago, has never been changed. I simply pulled it out, and put it back in. Perhaps I did somethig at that time, though it's stange that the problem came on later, and all at once.

    Sounds like I should take it to a shop and that they can measure the oil pressure?
  4. filter blocked, oil not passing sufficiently to be pumped to the moving parts in your engine. renew filter, and oil. :)

    a blocked or ratshit filter will cause pressure problems.
  5. What Joel said! new filter at every oil change mate! I usually buy a few filters at a time, but I get them delivered, so it saves shipping.
    Also, I think 3 litres is a wee bit low. Both my Kawasakis have needed 3.5/4 litres. Throw in another half litre for kicks. Worst that will happen is you'll blow it out the breather and make smoke!
    I use Castrol GTX (not GTX 2 or 3) in my Kwakas. It's cheap enough and they love it. Use 20w/50 weight oil too, coming into summer. Wil help with the leaks.
    Please don't use Home Brand oil!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. you said you replaced the oil with cheaper oil, was it the same viscosity rating as the manufacturer specifies? oil is not all the same and it can make a difference if its too thick/thin.
  7. yes, could be oil viscosity.
  8. :lastyear:

    sorry dooood, couldnt help it :p :LOL:
  9. GT 550

    I wouldn't plan any long rides & I'd keep a mobile phone handy. :cry: