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End of year Ride Melb - Surfers Paradise

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by instig, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Planning a ride from Melbourne to Surfers Paradise, Will be meeting up with friends there for NYE . I'm thinking it will take roughly 3 days but I'm not sure exactly how many km a day I can endure on a 2008 gsxr 1000. Here is a map I created on google maps http://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?hl=en&gl=au&ie=UTF8&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=107984748768114798425.000493ca2e10d02c42c86
    The route was chosen purely to stop the tires from squaring.

  2. Looks like a nice ride! May take you more than 3days I reckon. If I wasn't already going away, I'd like to do something like this - I have an old buddy in Bris-vegas too!

    If you've got net access while you're on the road, document it all or even take heaps of photos and just write it all up when you're back so others can see what the roads are like if they ever want to try a similar ride.

  3. I'm thinking 3 days for that and you'd be suicidal. 6 - 800k round trip of vic twisties in 1 day had me ruined.
    Having said that, if I weren't already going elsewhere for NYE, I'd still give it a shot :D
  4. Going by the distances shown on the left hand side, that is a total of 4224 km, which averages out at 1408 km each day to do it over 3 days. It could be done, but it would be very tough on a GSXR1000.... It would be tough to do on any bike as you would be spending almost 12 hours on the bike each day if you averaged 120km/h for the trip. And of course, it is pretty difficult to average that sort of speed with cops, twisties, etc. Hell, even over five days it is an average of 845km each day.
  5. Will definitely take photos along the way and will document, need to sort out a gps and maybe even a go pro cam.
    it's actually 2880kms had doubles listed (cant get the hang of google maps). Still need to plan the route back which will no doubt be tougher after spending NYE parting. Really looking forward to this. I haven't done any large distances before, mainly just ride to Marysville and back.
  6. Just as an option - instead of heading north from Bombala to go down Brown Mountain, if you head east, you get two lesser travelled mountain roads for the price of one - Mt Darragh and Myrtle Mtn. Oh, and while Tantawangalo Mtn road from Cathcart to Candelo looks like it cuts a bit of distance off, it is dirt.

    google maps
  7. That road does look more interesting and I did consider it but wasn't sure if it was all sealed. The route you drew is all sealed right?
  8. If you are after twisties, go up moss vale road from nowra instead of straight to wollongong, the kangaroo valley loop is great, and you can also ride down the macquarie pass to your original route
  9. good luck doing it on that bike, your going to be stiff and sore as
  10. Thanks waedwe, can't believe I missed that rd also added putty rd
  11. I've driven to surfers as the only driver and did it in 2 days (stopped in Sydney)...I was knackered. I would say take an hour or so break after each tank (assuming range is about 200-300km per tank?).

    Looks like a nice ride :) good luck with your endeavour and have fun partying through NYE.
  12. My dad done it in 18 hours haha. But then again he's abit crazy.
  13. i'd allow 5 days. give you plenty of time to stop and have long rests from the bike.
  14. And so it begins, 6000kms in 7 days. Thanks posting and wish me luck.
  15. You can do it instig. Rise and start riding early and just push on and think of your goal. Ride for economy and not speed. You're only challenge is wildlife.
  16. G'day instig,

    Awesome trip you're planning ! I've done 1,000 km in ~12hrs on my Gix K5 a few times - Gixxers are agreed/known to be great for long touring/track bikes but on distances of ~1,400 km/day, as mentioned above, I'm betting it'll be your right wrist that makes you scream with pain rather than anything else...but what an adventure that'll be !!!

    To further stop the tyres from squaring I've made a change to the first part of your trip from Dalton Rd to Lakes Entrance (avoid the Hume Hwy as much as possible, I say - I do talk withe experience here (y)).

    Enjoy mate and wish I could join you - lots of my rides originate from/near Dalton Rd :)
  17. That's a great looking route as I would like to do it as an overnighter on a weekend in the next few weeks. What would be a good return route to the same start point for it?
  18. Good luck dude.

    Just remember, Stop, Revive, Survive.
    Have a ball and post up when you'll be in Syd for the Putty if you want some company for a few hours.