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End of the GSX750F?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Or so it seems. The GSX750Fs already been dropped in the US and now it seems the UK is also ditching it in favour of a fully-faired version of the 650 Bandit - a bike that's been on sale there (and in NZ) for a little while. Given the old 750 isn't on sale in Japan either can't see Suzuki keeping it in production just for the Oz market. Could be some good run out deals for those after one, could also be worth the wait for its replacement.

    Details of the new 650:

    Just another victim of ever-tightening Euro emissions regs - seems it's all too hard for manufacturers to bring air-cooled engines into line. Quite possible we might see the end of the GSX1400 in the not too distant future too (UK website is already referring to the current model as the "last" model).
  2. well considering that the K6 2006 model was the last released here.
    I'd say thats all she wrote for the GSXF, pity tho its a good tourer for a humble 750.
  3. The bandit models just keep getting uglier...

    What started out as street-scrapping hooligan machines (of all capacities) has been watered down and grain-fed to become bikes for towing Ulyssians aroud.
  4. The new faired 650 isn't a pretty bike by any means, but it's easily better looking than the Baboon bum GSX750F they are getting rid of :LOL:
  5. +1

    I always though it looked like fly's eyes..

    new one look OK but still no princess.

    At least it still has the one peice seat.

    The Bandit 650 model took pretty good though :). Probably won't ever make it here though :(
  6. Suzuki announced the end of the line for the GSX750F a few months ago. There's no way they could have made the bike Euro 3 emissions compliant in its current form in any event. You can buy the last of them for somewhere around $10K, IIRC.

    Beauty's in the eye of the beholder, but that faired Bandit looks too much like a GS500 for my liking. Dead boring, although the graphics don't help much.

    And anyone who thinks the F's ugly can go and get stuffed. She's not that offensive! :p

  7. Nah, how can a pregnant guppy be offensive :LOL:.

    And Drew the naked and semi-faired 650 Bandit's already on sale in New Zealand (for the same price as the SV650) - so can't see any possible reason why they couldn't bring at least one 650 Bandit model here.
  8. Attractively challenged maybe?
  9. differently beautiful???

    Had a quick look at the Suzi UK site. The 650 Bandit with the bikini fairing is bee-yooo-diful. I'd even consider converting to the dark side (I-4's) if they released that one here... But the fully faired one?? Migt as well get a GS500... :p
  10. indeed, no reason why not, but is there i reason for them to do it?

    from what i can tell there is a big shortage of mid sized bikes that aren't sportsbike....the mid sized tourer just doesn't exist anymore. , if it ever did. Just not sure there is amarket for it..... i'd bu one

    something like this

    600-700 cc
    pillion room with a decent seat
    ability to hang luggage of it
    decent performance
    choice of clip-on or upright bars (not essential)

    getting of topic but a few bikes come close..just faal short in 1 or 2 major areas
  11. Where ARE all the 750s??? Just because the US market has the Harely-enforced 600cc limit, no-one wants to build a 750 of any sort, (GSXR-750 excepted, but that's a real sports bike.)

    Kawasaki used to have the Zephyr, Honda deserted the 750/4 years ago, now Suzuki is ditching it as well, and Yamaha haven't had a 750/4 for who knows how long?

    That wouldn't matter if the 600s were filling the same hole (naked or semi-naked, good seat, pillion capacity, mid-range torque and touring ability), but they're not.
  12. grr stoopid double post, sorry :oops:
  13. preciceley what i'm keen on.

    current favourites are

    Z750....rill report on pillion comfort after GP
    SV 650
    or the upcoming Triumph Street Triple...maybe

    F800ST is also alluring.

    Things may change by the time i'm serious about an upgrade but unlike to change much in 12 months
  14. mmm, if I had the budget the BMW would be the winner, simple lovely twin cylinder engine, light-ish weight and German reliability......
  15. BMW F800 S(T) - Okay 100cc too much, but it's not a litre bike.
    Honda VFR750/800 - as per above
    Honda NT700V
    SV 650 * - just add panniers or re work the seat.
    ER6 * as per above
    FZ6 ^^
    F3/F4 CBR 600
    GL1800 - minus 4 spark plugs
  16. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but why the fascination with engine size?

    It's just a number. I feel a better idea to to look at the type of riding you will be doing. If it's longer distance stuff with luggage and pillions, I would go a larger type bike such as the Sprint ST (1050 cc), VFR800 and BMW R1200 type thingos. (I'll also add the ST2/ST4 for Scumbag cause they are awesome). Less stressed motor, and great performance combined with massive usefullness. Any freshly graduated learner could jump on these and be competant in a short amount of time.

    If you are a city carver, I would look into the nimble type bikes such as ER6, FZR600 Hornet, CBR600 (The greatest bike in the universe) and other great steeds. These will still do long distances, but the ones above will do it better. Buy these will struggle slightly loaded up with pillions and luggage.

    Or you could ignore all this sage advice and buy yourself the worlds most impractical sports bikes, a lemon yellow Aprilia RSV 1000 and be done with it.
  17. F800 - definately like it..price is a factor though
    VFR800 - i wasn'y comfortable sitting on it just doesn't "inspire" me
    NT700 - hate the look- erch
    SV650, love the uprigh bars. clour i'm a bit dubious on baby blue.
    ER6 is almost right..but will it carry a pillion ok for touring?
    FZ felt weird and strange to sit on..something just not right for me
    CBR- fairings.... i prefer naked though.
    GL1800??? your kidding right :LOL:

    all these bikes have merit just most have a sticking point for me or Mrs Drew with the exception of the BMW and VFR.

    As fore the engine size... well a bigger bike usually means more fuel....i'm trying to keep costs down a bit. not to mention initial price is usually higher
  18. Depends on if you want to class bikes like the ZZR600, RF600, CBR600F4, Thundercat, XJ600, Bandit 600S etc. as tourers or just "soft" sportsbikes - definitely not that many new bikes that are similar though.
  19. Maaate, disagree with the fuel consumption concept. For example the F800 is reported to use 1/27 th of the fuel my 600 uses*

    Are you looking at new or old bikes? EFI and engine characteristics will possibly determine fuel usage more so than engine capacity. Also factor in aerodynamics (fairings) and riding style.

    * approximation, maybe closer to 2/3 rds.