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End of Financial Year Gear Sales ???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Widget, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering if stores usually do an End of Financial Year sale on gear ? (specifically NSW & QLD)
    I recently missed out on a rst ventilator 2 jacket for $150 & a rst Vent3 jacket for $180 (kinda bummed :\ ), but was hoping they might do (larger) discounts being EoFY ?

  2. Mcas is having a sale but not too much discount though they are genrally cheap already
  3. I need boots ! :dance2: Bloody Alpinestars Supertech R boots never drop in price ? :sour:
  4. MCAS will do a deal on supertecs I got $60 off a while back and have been with mates who've got similar deals.
    The trick is to not be a dick when negotiating & to deal with the right person.
    Reminding them you're a regular customer helps too.
  5. As an aside, the way the dollar is going, you're better off buying locally and supporting local businesses too.
  6. Bit late for that.
  7. A bit late for what?

    Even with the AUD trading lower than it did a week and a half ago, one still gets respectable savings buying from overseas. If the AUD devalues relatively by say, 15% as they predict, buying local would cost the same.
  8. I meant that a lot of stores have closed and that there is only a few stores who are all owned by the same people pretty much. They will be putting their prices up as they no longer need to compete with the USA.
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  9. That, there, is the worry. I happen to agree with you VC.
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  10. Anyone seen Neotec's under $800-700?
  11. I was recently in the market for the Neotec (replacement for my XR1100) I ended up getting a BMW system 6 for $750.
    I tried both helmets back to back & the BMW was far superior in fit, noise, quality of components, weight etc.
    You may want to consider one.
  12. Apparently MCA have a sale going on. No idea about prices though.
  13. 10% off for the rest of the month.

  14. I tried a BMW helmet years ago, it's visor opened as well but it didn't fit my head well.
  15. End of Financial Gear Sale?

    I need some glove sales!
  16. This site has 20% off rrp till end of the month (some items were more like 50% off though) and I had a $15 voucher which still appears to work (Friend ordered off the same code) - not sure when the voucher expires. - They're based in QLD somewhere but ship all over aus.


    the code i had was: 15XDEAL

    Ordered some gloves and boots they arrived 3 days later so cheers! Goodluck!
  17. Wow that is more expensive than going into the local store. Even with the discount.

  18. Hey? That's the cheapest local Neotec I've seen!

  19. Thanks! Might see if I can match it at PS. Total: $664.00