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End of another era

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. Of note to perhaps not many, but worth noting, Massimo Laverda, of Laverda motorcycles, passed away on the 26th October 2005. Another link with a great era of motocycling and motorcycling racing has been lost.

  2. Thanks for that Hornet

    I always remember his passion and resilaince to build his idea of a motorcycle and stuff the rest, well thats my excuse tommorrow when i take my Jota for a blast in his memory.
  3. in reading the info about the motor and how they "tamed it down to japanese standards" in the second revision. me gets the feeling that bikes are getting easeier and easier to ride just like cars are getting easier and easier to drive ....

    and hear everyone reading this thinking of course they are

    but is this good i guess so

  4. Naah...give me an ill handling, difficult starting, unreliable, uncomfortable, poor braking, oil leaking, rust prone, pommie pride any day......and pass me my medication while your at it.....
  5. Well, of course it is, nowdays we can set out on a trip and arrive the same day with clean hands and clean clothes. We can press a button and it starts, first time, every time. We can blow off $150,000 cars at the lights.

    Etc, etc

    But part of me still tingles at the memory of the sound of Owen Hughes' Laverda 1000 thundering up the hill and echoing off the cliff face at Amaroo Park, and those temperamental Italian beasts still turn my head when the odd rare one rumbles by.....

    Our modern bikes have ingenious heads, but not quite the soul that Massimo and his ilk built into every machine....
  6. I remember the same being said about sports cars once, how the modern beasts are far more reliable, safer, comfortable etc than the old classics, but for me, the need to "tinker"and "fiddle" to keep it going is part of the magic.

    Also why I doubt I'll ever buy a bike with linked brakes or ALB, a big part of why I ride a bike is the need to be in control, to be able to prove to myself I still have the faculties required to balance and time the input of both hands(arms) and feet, and waist, and body, and bum!

    RIP Massimo, thanks for your bikes.

  7. It's called character; or sometimes "character building". Personally, I prefer "classic". It ain't run in unless it's 20 years old. But not decrepit. it's gotta start first time, every time. Go from here to there & back again & not miss a beat. Some "classic" machinery couldn't even do that new.
    (3 volume thesis edited out for the sake of brevity)

  8. OOO... A kindred spirit!!

    Please review this
    Tome of Wisdom

    I think you'll fit right in :D