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End of an era today.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by MSCRacing, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Well, Troy Bayliss rides his last World Superbike race today in Portugal.

    Although you wouldn't know it if you relied on Australian media feeds.

    He's given me years of entertainment and excitement. Particularly the last 2 years against the backdrop of ball-shrinkingly tedious 800cc robot-bike racing.

    Thanks Troy! Congratulations. You truly are the King.

  2. Yeah, it's sad, but all good things end. Now he is free to spend his money, and have a bludge.
  3. A rider and gentleman to match the best.

    Has there been any further news on his future plans. All I've heard so far are rumours of a move to V8 supercars ?
  4. Nah. We'll find out in due course.
  5. Here here, summed it up well!

    (not gonna *SPOILER* it but holy crap, how good was that first race? Can't wait for the second :LOL: )

    Don't want to sound fruity, but goddamn I'd do that bloke!

    Gonna miss ya TB!
  6. great rider.

    took the last 1000cc motogp race at PI and my favourite race was when he stole win from toseland in the WSBK in the very last micro sec. it was victory by micro seconds.
  7. They metioned it on Sunrise this morning.... :wink:

    Damn I hope he does some more pushy racing now, I'd love to be able to say I raced bikes with Bayliss :LOL:
  8. He sure went out on top. Great stuff.
  9. Sorry to be a dampener but TB's only MotoGP race win was Valencia on a guest ride, not at PI.

    But, if there is a truer or better representation of what Aussies want in their sportsmen (and sportswomen) then please let them be named as I believe that TB is that which best represents Australians and sport.

    TB is genuine, humble, talented but aggressive, will speak his mind and won't suffer fools who get in his way and he will not whinge or moan but get on with the job.

    He may not be Australia's most talented or recognised motorcycle racer, nor may he have won MotoGP world championships, but I dare say he will long be remembered as one of the most loved and respected motorcycle racers produced in this country over the last 30 years (apologies to the older heads but my memory only goes back 30 or so years)

    Whatever his next endeavour (and rumours have said V8Brutes) than I like many others wish him well and will no doubt tune in just to watch him take it to whoever is around.

    Ok, that said.

    Did anyone see the interview where he mentioned that Ducati have told him that all he needs to do is call them should he want to ride (for fun) on any of their test days?

  10. You are right. He was never a "bighead". Just a bloody good Sport. I hope that he enjoys the next part of his life. I'm tipping that he will. He seems to be that sort of bloke.
  11. I wonder if he'll take up recreational motorcycling now that he's retired. I wonder how many retired racers still ride bikes as a pastime or even commuting.
  12. The vast majority don't. Riding on the road is totally different, and pretty scary.
  13. I stand corrected. It was at Valencia :D