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End can suggestions Suzuki GSX1250FA

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by paulm_collins, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I've just traded in my old Triumph Sprint ST and got myself a new Suzuki GSX1250FA. Picking it up this Saturday.

    The only thing that I'm not really happy about on the bike is the exhaust top can, it's extremely large and not too keen on the full chrome look.

    So I'm looking for suggestions on something smaller and preferably carbon so not so much chrome to look after.
    Don't really want to spend a fortune either so any suggestions please?

  2. I know that is one ugly bazooka! I had a GSX650F and that had the same pipe. I installed Yoshi RS3 on it, looked/sounded much better. Think I paid about $250 (?) delivered, unsure.. but definitely less than $300.

    In fact I bought the one used for your bike which was centre stand friendly.

    Good luck with the search.
  3. Yoshi R77 from the US cost me about $420 delivered. All stainless, looks nice, sounds nice too.
  4. I put a Scorpion on my '02 Bandit. $550 fitted (it was in for a service at the same time).

    Looks and sounds better than the original. But that wouldn't be hard.
  5. Ok thanks guys!

    Cheapest I can find on either the RS3 or R77 is around $500 delivered from the US.

    Also I'm presuming that the ones that state they are for Suzuki 1250's upto 2011 will still fit a brand new GSX1250FA?
  6. I got a Delkevic Stubby 14" slip on for my GSX650 which has the same ludicrously big muffler as the GSX1250FA, it sounds quite good and is not too loud. Was about $250 inc delivery from Delkevic's ebay shop.
  7. Well I spoke to the dealer yesterday and they won't fit anything that I provide, they have to supply and fit. They said that it may affect the warranty if anything goes wrong around the exhaust system.

    They gave me a quote of $730 to supply the Yoshimura R77. Bit pricey!

    Any ideas on something cheaper that is available to buy in Australia that a dealer could get hold of?
  8. Scorpion.

    Or go to another dealer.
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  9. Because they want to make an extortionate sale.

    Right, right....but nothing would go wrong if they sold you the exact same exhaust system as the one you wanted to supply yourself, eh? - Go elsewhere: they are liars and ripoff merchants, and they obviously think you are an easy target.

    What is it with people not being able to change their own damned slip-ons?! I may start up my own business specialising in swapping mufflers, for the technologically incompetent.
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  10. The all stainless R77 I got from the States came with instructions even I could understand. The hardest thing was removing the old gasket which is no longer required. The carbon one is more expensive - I reckon the stainless one looks very nice.
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  11. that does look cool.
    but either it's fitted upside down, or don't park in the rain.
  12. Yeah what the hell, it's like 3 bolts...
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  13. Two on mine...
  14. I whacked a Yoshi on my Gs500F which required that I cut the old muffler off. It shouldn't be that hard to change a slip-on when the muffler is held on with bolts!
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  15. i could do it in my sleep
    shit even a woman could do this.
    maybe ask mum to help you.

  16. IXIL hyperlow gsx1250fa .

    I had one on my GSX650F ,Got it from the UK for under $400.
    Its was under the DB sound limit for Australia with the baffles in...but 2 minutes to remove them if you like.
    The Yoshi is nice and sounds great ,but its a race pipe ,its stamped not for road use {if the cops and being pulled over is a problem in your area}.
    With the Hyperlow its got a E mark ,stamped on it that it's been approved for road use in the UK, we follow the UK for exhausts standards .
    Not saying its 100% fully road legal here ,but its as close as you can get and sh1ts all over the other pipes for looks.

    Just my 1c.
  17. Well I ended up buying the Ixil I posted earlier. Got it for around $330.

    Guys said its just 3 bolts, although have to put on an extra part for the centre stand but said its pretty easy so will give it a go myself when it arrives.