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enables bicycle users to hit speeds up to 130kph

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]
    cyclist hits the road with the Thrustpac – a petrol-driven propeller which enables bicycle users to hit speeds of up to 130kph (80mph).

    The device is controlled by a special glove which allows the rider to accelerate or slow down simply by flexing their index finger.

    Inventor Don Burgess said it can do 240km (150 miles) to the gallon, making it one of the most-fuel efficient modes of transport. Except, you know, actually cycling.

    'This is a totally unique concept in the transportation world today,' said Burgess.

    'The freedom from high fuel prices, the absolute fun of the wind in your hair while being pushed along effortlessly is amazing. Saving the environment has never been so much fun.'

    What could possibly go wrong?

    From here.

    Bicycles are small. Light. Cheap to run.
    Not many reasons left to own a scooter! :p
  2. wow if only we could get the feeling of wind flapping our hair efforlessless and gliding at 120kmp.
  3. What happens if you come off, does it just keep on blowing you down the road? :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. I'm not a fan......
  5. ...and the fans go wild!
  6. I'm blown away by it :)

  7. that looks fantastic.
  8. So what about a few specific catch marketing phrases?

    "Just blow me"
  9. i like the concept.

    :?: why it is strapped to the cyclist?

    to me it would make more sense if it were attached to the bike;
    - less strain on the user
    - reduce risk of contorting the user in an accident
    - incorporate the throttle with the handle bars (à la motorcycle design)
  10. Thats when shit hits the fan :grin:
  11. Since when has anything with a cyclist made sense! These are people who get up early in the morning in the freezing cold to go ride around hills in lycra... :)
  12. Nobody said you cant ride a scooter and use one .... :demon: :moped:

    Should be good for about 150 odd clicks with the combined thrust and the scooters engine together, whilst allowing for the extra kilo's.

    And you would look rocketeer shit hot.
  13. Oh man, I'm gonna have to drag out my rollerblades too...
  14. I wonder how long do the brakes of the bicycle last with something like that and what could happened until you get use to brake without flexing the throtle finger.

  15. Wouldn't want to start swatting flies whilst riding :)
  16. It'd be fun with ice skates...
  17. or pick your nose :LOL:
  18. "HEY, YOU! *points* *WIZZZZZZZZ*"
  19. If you bought one of those things how long would it be before your mates reversed the fan, then pointed and laughed as you were sucked along backwards at 120Kph?
  20. Would be good for snow skiing in areas without lifts.

    Ski down hill, be blown back up it.