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%$@&en Ants!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bullet21, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Its that time ofe year again and my house has a huge ant problem, but today i washed my bike. I left it for a while and went back out and the fcukers were everywhere, running out of my throttle grip and climbing on top of each other as though they thought they were going to drown.

    I went for a fang aroun the block and even down the freeway, when i got back home there they were again running out around. Anyone had this problem before, and how did you deal with it. They are mostly near the instruments and handle bar.
  2. Get some Ant Rid!
  3. Its quite possible they only appear when ur near the bike. My suggestion would be to Have a SHOWER before you take anymore action :LOL:
  4. ohhh man... lol BURNNN!!!!

    haha try getting some of that outdoor spray and spray a circle around ur bike when its parked... keep em away!!
  5. OR keep em in?
  6. had that shower yet? :LOL:
  7. ;)

    insect reppelant?
  8. Don't eat on the bike.
  9. Get some spiders to eat the ants...?
  10. Yeah might be a good idea to shower with Bagon from now on :LOL:
  11. oh F#%k the joys of posting when ur half pissed :LOL: :beer:
  12. Shouldn't have bought such a sweet bike, dude...
  13. Buy a jar of honey and smear some near where you park the bike. When the ants arrive hit 'em with a flame thrower.

    WARNING- do not smear honey on the bike.
  14. [​IMG]

    ...and get a bird to eat the spider.
  15. Spray some poision on the ground in circles around your tyres when the bike is parked.
  16. Ants hate the smell of peppermint. Get some peppermint oil, put it on a tissue and shove it in.....well wherever the ants are I guess ;-)
  17. it seems to me that they may be BULLY ING ants :LOL:
  18. what should i get to eat the birds? or will they just die when winter rolls around again.

    Seriously ill try the ant spray around the bike trick.
  19. A cat of course.

  20. +1 for Ant Rid, works a charm.