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Emtek tyre warmers

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by RRdevil, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. So my new tyre warmers rocked up a couple days ago and I thought to myself, heck, I'd better check they function before getting all the way to Victoria and finding that they don't work. So I mounted them up to the tyres this morning just for the lulz before my ride with my mate.

    On they came. These are non digital warmers but it's all I'll need. Two led indicators, one for heating (orange) one fore ready (green). It was 2 degrees when I went out to the shed to put them on. They took a grand total of 30 mind to complete their heat cycle. Well impressed.

    These warmers are emtek brand. You can find them on eBay or direct from the guy. $220 with free delivery, can't really go wrong. Postage was quick and efficient.

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  3. Should I be using tyre warmers for my daily commute?
  4. Why not. If you've got a spare 30 mins. Seriously though I simply put them on to test them. Otherwise they literally not get used until October and I be screwed if they didn't work.
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    tyre warmers are for pussys
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    Yeah okay. So I'm supposed to spend half of every track session warming my tyres and reducing their life by constantly heat cycling.

    Not thinking before Typing is for retards. Think before you type UG

    Or perhaps and more likely you're too slow to have ever heated a tyre up properly anyway
  7. =D
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  8. You got me :)
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  9. That's why I heat my tyres up before my daily commute. With my Rossi like skills I need my tyres nice and warm. Especially when I get my knee down through intersections and round-a-bouts.
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  10. We use Emteks and have been working great. I prefer non digital, less shit to go wrong.
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