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Empty lots in the South East.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bullet21, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know about good open areas out in the south eastern suburbs? id really like to practice my um..... braking technique. :angel:

  2. Dandenong during the weekend should be the place to go.

    Anywhere where there's an industrial area would do though (but it needs to be big-ish) as they usually have large open spaces/car parks during the weekend :)
  3. You could try some of the industrial areas off FTG Rd opposite Bunnings. Given the time of year many of the businesses would be shut so very minimal traffic. With daylight savings any industrial/commercial area should be fine after hours. Could even try near Nintendo or down near FTG Rd/Eastlink.
    Hope this helps

  4. Hey Bullet, they just ripped up my practice area - on FTG Rd opposite Bunnings.

    Laser Drive in Rowville might be worth a look-see.

  5. Google maps, look for large open concrete sapce, don't post your stunt ground on the internet. They got a few of us last week exactly that way.
  6. Be aware that the Hoon Laws apply to private land as well as public roads.
  7. i don't see how such laws can be applied unless plod has permission to enter your private land.
    i'd be more concerned about insurance and liability
  8. if anyone outer eastern burbs is genuinely interested in some propper car park practice (read no stuntas drawing unwanted attention) shoot me a pm
    i have a secret place and no work on next week.
    i'll only take a few in there with me. there is a security guard but he is unarmed and well..you are on a motorbike.
    he's never bothered me before though.
    theres enough space for slow stuff and i need the practice.
    it also simulates real conditions with gravel, broken glass, sticks, the occassional feral animal.
    feel free to crash, just don't crash into me.
  9. How about not putting up actual locations. The filth troll these forums and we don't need them to know everything. As MONKEYMAN has already said, pm the answers.