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Empty lots in SE suburbs?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bullet21, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Where are some good places to practice E stops and swerves and stuff in the south east suburbs. Maybe like an abandoned warehouse or factory type deal.

  2. Any car park anywhere..... you dont need to be doing 300k's to E break, just go and do it. if you don't know anywhere ride around looking... its all practice.
  3. Any Bunnings after hours.......
  4. I hear police station carparks are good after hours. Failing that, near Scoresby, there's knox, scoresby bunnings, brandon park, the athletics track carpark near scoresby road, and a shitload of industrial areas
  5. if you cut tennis balls in half, you can make up your own cone pattern courses.
    if you want to step it up to an advanced level try the Bunnings carpark on a Saturday morning...plenty of swerving and e-braking when the elderly come out to drive...:driver::tantrum:

    nah, i'm not serious, even Ghostrider would'nt attempt the Bunnings carpark on a Saturday morning.

  6. Don’t they lock the doors?
  7. every bunnings ive been to has traffic islands and trees and shit everywhere.
  8. I go down to my local Coles store where the loading bay is a road that runs along side the store... just go up there after dark and do some e-stops at around 60.

    But seriously - any car park... even if you just go out during quiet times (night) and find a quiet street, do some there. Incorporate some into a days riding :)
  9. Rushdale st area in Scoresby is usually dead on sundays...just watch out for the odd hoon in a car doing burnouts...
  10. have noticed all the parking bays have greasy oily patches where the cagers dump their load when they park.

    Stick to the roadway parts of carparks...(y)
  11. You should try manufacturing area after hour or weekend only.