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Empty areas to practice for Learners in Melbourne

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VazRider, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm a self confessed noob! I live east and was wondering if there are any empty areas, i.e. something like a big car part or an industrial area where i could practice my riding skills without any interference from traffic. Appreciate the help, its hard to practice the basics around the neighbourhood without getting in the way of regular traffic.

    Cheers :)

  2. Hey,
    When I first started I used Bunnings carparks after hours, industrial estates [again after hrs] for awhile.

    The L plate [if you have one?] is for getting in the way. Lol. Just don't drop your bike- they [traffic] tend to get grumpy :p
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  3. Can you be slightly more specific than East? When I lived in Glen Waverley there was a good large car park near the cnr of Springy and FTG rd, just beside the cop shop which I spent a bit of time in.
  4. A great one is the new sports centre in George Street Wantirna South, right near Eastlink and off High Street Road. Lots of parking areas.
  5. oh yea! i used to live near wantirna south near the city life church, now moved to rowville. all those places are within riding distance.

    The sport center seems like a really good idea though very out of the way! thanks Pete.
    also Pugsly, ive seen that car park around but its surrounded by 80 roads and im not that comfortable yet to take the bike to that range lol. Nooob right?
  6. No mate, it's cool. If you're not comfortable yet, don't get ahead of yourself. It was where I went because it was just down the road from me and I didn't know where you are.

    Rowville.. I'll put my thinking cap on.
  7. Haha, do NOT miss that stage! I only got off my ls in October, so know that all too well.
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  8. 12 Paratea Dr - the school there has an ok sized parking area - would be fine after hours and weekends.
    Also a decent carpark behind the Caltex at 1180 Stud Rd.
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  9. HAH! yeap 15 months of that :p
  10. At least you're getting out there :)
  11. Unless you're a young 'un it needn't be more than three months.
  12. Bayswater isn't too bad.
    There's a number of blocks between Scoresby Rd. and Dorset Rd., and between the railway line and Mountain Hwy that are pretty quiet on a Sunday. You could set up a pretty good course in there with left and right turns and stops.
  13. If you live near the city life church, you should pay the basketball stadium on the other side of the eastlink. The car park is spacious enough and has corners so you can practice your turns. Go at night it's absolutely empty.