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Emergency Tyre Repair, Safe For Long?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by waedwe, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. I have just fixed a puncture on the rear tyre with one of the emergency repair kits, The rope wick style one.

    One of these type http://compare.ebay.com.au/like/271057623549?ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes

    So long story short, how long is it safe to ride a on a tyre repaired by 1 of these kits till i can get it properly plugged by the bike shop.

    Repair was fast and easy, i reccomend them for emergencies
  2. Generally speaking the repair should hold for the life of the tyre. As the tread approaches the wear bars it may develop a slow leak.

    Any tyre repair will significantly reduce the speed rating of the tyre, though, so no more 300kph runs down the freeway. I forget the recommended max speed for a repaired tyre but I don't think it was much higher than 150kph from memory. :-k

    Should only take 30-40 minutes for a good bike shop to plug it up from the inside, though, so it should be pretty easy to find/make time for it to be patched? :)
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  3. Damn, no more 300km/h freeway runs, there goes half my riding to work
  4. How did you find that repair kit?
    What was the culprit that caused the flat?
  5. Plugged mine; and have done around 10,000km on the tyre since.
    Ridden in all types of temps, from Alpine to 35+ days, no problem.
    I ride to the speed limit, so can't speak for a track ride.
  6. Strictly speaking, those kind of repairs are intended only to get you home or to a bike shop, and should be replaced with a mushroom plug as soon as possible. In the real world, they normally outlast the lifespan of the tyre. I've done thousands of kilometers on those kind of repairs without issue.

    Is that safe? Not according to the manufacturer of the tyre of the repair kit. But it sounds like you're only talking about a few hundred kilometers anyway.
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  8. Repair kit was easy to use, mine wasn't the cargol brand, only issue i had, Was the tool that threads the strips is also the tool for reaming the hole in the tyre, and the bit that hooks the thread bent a bit making the hole useable at 1st.

    Culprit was a ordinary garden variety nail
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  9. I've seen tubeless tyres "repaired" successfully by sticking a tube type patch over the inside of the hole and then used quite safely for thousands of miles afterwards.

    I don't actually recommend this, BTW, and it still involves taking the tyre off, so it's not a roadside repair, but it does illustrate what it's possible to get away with if you're desperate.