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Emergency surgery for Erin McNaught after almost severing finger in motorcycle accident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. From here;

  2. This thread is usele....

    Arr bugger it, here's the fingers in question:

  3. What's the last sentence got to do with anything. It's like losing a finger wasn't interesting enough so we have to put crap about her last relationship in.
  4. awwwwwwwwwwwww...

  5. Look at the tan line from her Draggin's thong
  6. This is what I read this morning on news dot com

    The former Miss Universe Australia was shooting a story for Channel 9's Cybershack program on Tuesday when an electronic dirt bike she was moving accelerated out from under her, prompting her to fall on it, her hand becoming trapped in its spinning wheel.

    electronic? snuh?
  7. I wonder if she was wearing protective gloves? Ripping my fingers off is probably the biggest worry on a bike.
  8. I doubt if dirtbike gloves, or any gloves will stop your fingers getting ripped off if you jam your hand in the spokes
  9. seems strange a rider would get caught out with the power delivery though
  10. That's all the drooling idiots that make up the general public care about: Which celebrity is boning which other celebrity in which hole?
  11. ..more importantly.... did she break the fingernail!!..... ;)
  12. Good thing it was a finger and not a toe, otherwise they'd have had to call a toe truck...

  13. Oh you'll love this thread then
    WARNING: Graphic photos

    Guy mangles fingers in bike chain.
  14. does she need it kissed better?
  15. Typical shoddy journalism of the Herald. She was never "Miss Universe" or "Miss Universe Australia".

    She won the title of Miss Australia in 2006, and while representing Australia in the Miss Universe pageant the same year, she did not make the top 20.

    Now weren't there some pics around somewhere?

    oh yes, here they are.
  16. HOLY SHIT:eek: absentmindedness had serious consequences for that poor bloke...
    I caught my big toe in a bmx chain once when i was 5, i screamed until someone heard me and came to help...never forget the pain of getting my toe out, it hurt more than when it went in...Lucky for me the chain was pretty loose so my toe was just cut up badly bruised and swollen to 3 times its normal size...
    Never rode a bike in thongs again!
  17. Yep, another plus to shaft drive bikes :grin:
  18. At the PS3 launch party i touched her arse, it was an accident but still happened.
  19. That new VFR's lookin' better all the time.
  20. I am guilty of giving Ricky Lee a tap on the bum at Fed Square ;)