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Emergency stopping and evasive action: practice!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by belair, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Today (yesterday) i finally pulled my finger out and made an effort to practice stopping quickly and evasive action(counter steering). Counter steering i practised a little more after the L's test and pretty much got the process in order. But emergency stopping I've never really worked at and I've got to say I'm an idiot for not doing so before hand.

    The way I see it (and if anyone has any other thoughts, go ahead), these are the two options when confronted with an unexpected obstacle such as cars pulling out, kids/animals running across path etc. Your either going to try to stop in time or swerve to get out of the way, or probably in most cases do both.

    Now i purposely set out to practise what i think i would do in similar situations. On the way to the boulevarde for a squirt, i anticipated certain situations such as people walking out from the side walk, "right turners" at intersections, cars stopping suddenly, non-head checking lane changers. This is something i try to do (and i guess everybody does) all the time. But what I havn't thought about is what i would actually do if those things did happen. The sort of things where you dont have the time to actually think what to do. It should be instinct to just brake, push left/right, do whatever it takes to avoid a pickle.

    A few weeks ago I really was confident and believed i would be able to react to all circumstances well, but with more thought I really wouldnt have. I cant quite put a finger on what has caused this train of thought but it could be to do with the amount of stacks there have been in the last couple of weeks. This is something i've been thinking about for a few days now and I figure that to have that instinct, I really need to understand my bike. Practise makes perfect.

    First go at hard braking: straight bit of road, no cars in mirrors, pick a reference point to brake from, brake. Seemed easy enough. 25m down the road, big cloud of blue smoke, and a big black snake on the road later and i'm stopped. "strooth!, better go easy on the back brakes next time" I muttered to myself. Tried again, locked up the back wheel but not for as long this time. It took about 6 or 7 goes of riding at 60 km/h, picking a braking point, and braking hard on the fronts before i could get an even balance between the front and rear. Did manage to lock the front wheel for a bit too. By the end I estimate I was stopping within 12-10m from 60k's.

    By the time i left the boulevarde, i think my confidence increased 10 times. I now believe I have what it takes to react to the unexpected in order to avoid a collision. All in all im disapointed i didnt get this in order sooner as it would have prevented my first stack about 7 months ago. If anyone has any further advice, by all means dish it out. But my advice to other new riders is that understanding the way your bike behaves when evasive action is needed is an extremely important factor in avoiding disaster.